Friday, June 29, 2007

It's Just Shockin'!!!

On Tuesday, MrsBullMoose calls me.
"Cookie, What are we doing on Thurrrrrsday?"
I love it that she calls me Cookie...and SunShine...becuz I know that when I'm not around she calls me a bitch....she's that way.
Ooooh, you should hear her talk about her CasinoHopperGal!!
"I'm your driver. What do you want to do?"
"Let me think about it."

On Wednesday, MrsBullMoose calls me.
"Sunshine, What are we doing on Thurrrrsday?"
It's like this EVERY week!!
"What ever you want to do. I don't have anything that I NEED to do. I plan my day around you."
"Okay, I think I will go for a Trrrreatment. Pick me up at 11:00."

On Thursday morning she calls me.....on my cell phone...."Lock the cellar door and Baby Talk dirty to me!".......every Thursday morning!
"I tried to call you on your home phone but I couldn't get you. Wherrrre are you?"
I think she thinks I would leave without her!
"I'm at home on the computer."
"Well..." And she goes into a long speech about the day's plans.....which never goes off like she plans....she just needs to let me do my thing and all is well. But now I have to pick her up at 10:30 to get her to her "Trrrreatment."

The Trrrreatment is some sorta electrical shock thing she believes helps her.
And maybe it does.
I am not one that cares for being shocked in the least little bit. I have been shocked several times and not one time was it a good experience that would make me apply metal thingys to my body and hold metal rods in my hands for its therapeutic purposes!!

The worst most terrifiyin' time was when I was 9.
Daddy had saddled up my shetland pony becuz I was gonna go ridin' with a friend. She lived a 1/2 mile away and I was goin' alone....this was huge deal!!
I rode off into the sunset...not was more of down the road and up a hill to the south...but I was feelin' pretty good.
As I got there, she was still saddlin' up her horse. My pony, Star, was as gentle as a dog and friendly....he thought that it was okay to sniff Gypsy's nose. Both horses reached their muzzles out and touched....with the electric fence in between the noses!!

Star reared back and took off like a shot!!!
He didn't know what had happened but he was goin' back home where it was safe!!!
He ran at high speed all the way home!!
Not once slippin' on the pavement!

You ask I know this....I was ridin' him the whole freakin' way!!!
I might have been screamin'....that was such a long time ago....I can't imagine me not screamin' the whole way!
I pulled on those reigns hard but there was no stoppin' him!
I couldn't get him to turn, he had it in his head he was goin' home!!
So I just let him go.

Have you ever been on a runaway horse??
Me, way too many times!! I haven't been on a horse in 25 years...a streak that I will continue!
But a runaway shetland pony???
Not a smooth ride!!

And then I saw it...the barbed wire gate!
I was just sick!!
That was where I learned the term....stoppin' dead in your tracks....Star did!
He knew he didn't want to go thru that fence!
So he just stopped.
All horse motion stopped.

I did not stop!
I went over the top!!!
And landed in a crumpled heap at Daddy's feet.

"That didn't take long!"

So NO! Electric shock therapy is out for me!

Stay tuned...therrrre's more!


VENTL8R said...

Damn, SISTER! I have been on a runaway horse a couple of time, the last time he bucked me off and I broke my pelvis in two places. That was 9y ago. This Tbred was HUGE! His withers hit me at the nose and I'm 6'2"; easy 17 hands.

And up at my g'uncle's farm I was feeding the cattle some silage as it was November and the cattle were close to the house in the windbreak and I felt this nice warm numbing sensation in my knees. Yup. I was leaning just far enough that my knees had made contect with the electric fence that was cownose level. I made a complete circuit so it didn't hurt, but a funky sensation nonetheless.

Beth said...

And there is more !!!!!!! I can't wait to read that !!!

Proto said...

thump The big shock I got was taking a tv chassis out of display model in the store to take back to the shop. I went to remove the second anode lead to the picture tube and zaaaaaaaaap I went back across the aisle, in front of a few customer. Gathered myself back up, got the chassis into my truck and out of that store back to the service center, emBARE-ASSED to hell.

MizAngie said...

I can't seem to take a shock, even from static electricity, without saying "shit." We had a Bible-thumper at work that everybody was terrified of, for good reason. I reached toward the copy machine and a bolt of static electricity reached out and grabbed me and I yelled "SHIT!" All I could do was smile sheepishly and apologize. I was so surprised when she cracked up laughing!

I'm going to buy some oatmeal shampoo for Timber in the morning. I was out of doggy itch shampoo so had used Oil of Olay body wash on him. Thanks for the advice!

Sherrie said...

Last time I was on a runaway horse was about 20 years ago now. A pity really, hubby was thinking of buying me a horse, thought we'd go to a friends and ride his once just to see if I still enjoyed it, I might have, had the horse not gone nuts the second I settled on his back! Oi.....I thought I was a goner!

I've come down with something so I'm feeling rather poopie. I'll try to blog about grad when I can, might email you a picture or two. Was a lovely time, and he looked so handsome!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend lady ~hugs~