Monday, June 04, 2007

I Have Been So Freakin' Busy!!!

Ugh!!! I really hate it too!!!

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A Helpful Tip: If you use a sunless tanner, do not shave your legs the day you apply it! And be sure to use a bodyscrub!!
One of our clients told me I need some sun on my legs....which I do....I am pale. I am a white woman and proud of it....besides I freckle. He suggested that I use a sunless bronzer and called his wife to find out what it is.....Loreal Sublime Bronze....and she told me about the leg shavin' thing.....shave one day and scrub the next day and then apply the bronzer. She only uses it once a week. I said "thank you" for the tips and decided I would try it.

30 minutes later, she called back! "If you want me to show you how to apply it I will."


I'm No Prude! But the thought of being in a client's home for HER to rub lotion on my legs was a bit disconcertin'!!!
Just about as much as when the woman at the mall told me I would look good with a Tattoo on my boob...."It would look good right there."....and touch it!!
I don't want to look like an Oompa Loompa but I think I can figure it out!!

The things I get myself into.....Geez!!!

Good Grief Gerty!!! It's 4:00!! I still have blogs to read!!!


Sherrie said...

Oi.........I have people touching ALL parts of my body at the bingo hall.....they think it's lucky or something! Well let me tells ya, they ain't gonna get lucky that way!

And just what was her husband examining your legs so closely for anyway? teehee


Proto said...

I think we need to examine her legs first. Don't take his word for it...

cathy said...

O wow whats with that, maybe they were looking for a 3-some LOL jk.

beth said...