Friday, June 01, 2007

How Old Are You?

That question has came up a lot recently.
A couple have asked outright. The lady that booked our cruise, "How old are you?" innocently enough. I sat there mullin' it over...long enough for her to look up and say, "I need to know for the cruise information."
"No, That's okay. I just have to think about it. I tell every one that I am 35 so I have to do a little computin' to figure out how old I really am. 41! Yep that's it!"
And that's not true!
I'm 42!! When you don't keep count they add up quickly!!!
She just smiled.
Some beat around the lady asked, "How old are your kids?"
I didn't give it a lot of thought, "22 and 24".
That I know!
She looked shocked....which is a good thing becuz she said, "I didn't think that they were that old!"

One man said "When did you start havin' babies? 10?"
Bless him!! He will be my next hubby!!

Back when the girls lived at home, they told me. They made it a point to know how old I was. I was over 21, I didn't care! We would go somewhere and someone would ask my age, I just stood there thinkin' about it. One of them would pipe up and say. "MooooM, you're 26!"
I truly don't care how old I am.
Nor do I know what my home phone number is....I don't call myself!!!

Now one would think that Roy, love of my life, would have it down. At least my birthday...But no!!
He took the deposit down to the lady that booked our cruise and he called me, "Hey Babe, When is your birthday?"
Why does he have to ask?
And I JUST told her yesterday how old I was....did you not believe me??
I mean I did say 41 and I am really 42!!!
None the less, I told him.
"Really?? I thought you were older than that!"
Roll my eyes....."No, that's your other wife! You really need to keep us straight!"


Anonymous said...

46 I am, and damn proud of it. I didn't think I would make it past 30.

Sherrie said...

Eeeek.......47 and very soon to be 48, now THAT just makes me cringe lol.

I'm glad supermoodybitch enjoyed the pirate movie, I haven't had enough time off to go see it yet. But you can bet that'll be one of the few that I actually head to the theatre to see, mmmmm much better on a LARGE screen!


Jeankfl said...

I never remember how old I am when someone asks..I have to figure it up! Have a great time on your cruise, btw! That was one of the best vacations I've ever had!!

Beth said...

this year "43" not so bad i guess, i havent been bothered by age YET !!!!

mannyed said...

LOL! I was getting glasses from a place that The Twin's (my bro)Girlfriend works. She was filling out a form for me, looked up and said, "what's your DOB??" and I was like uh...the same as your boyfriend's!

mannyed said...

yes, I am a bit sore today :o( I don't bad enough to warrant a trip to the dr.

Beth said...

Hey what is this Meezs all about ? is it another blog or a chat forum? clue me in i haven't heard of this until now.
anyway hope you are doing well.

Proto said...

It's just awful getting confused with facts about the other wife. Apparently my 'other' girlfriend has been places with me that my ex hadn't. Memory Mush is how I describe it.