Monday, June 18, 2007

A few weeks ago, MzGina asked me about MrsBullMoose and this post is about think I'm kiddin' but that name suits her to a T!! She cusses like a sailor!! Bossy and always in a hurry.....we have so much in common!!!
She's a widow. Roy and I refer to as the MerryWitter....she refers to herself as The AustrianSwinga....and she has a thick German accent.....though she has been here since 1945....and drops the F-Bomb at you tell me if I'm too far off base about our similarities!
I met her 12 years ago when we moved to the country through the VetOffice. She is a real kick in the pants, no nonsense sorta gal.
When she met Roy, she says, to me, "If I were 30 years younger, I'd give you a run for your money! He's a handsome devil!"
That, he is!!!
When her Husband died last year and she had him cremated and he stays on the mantle near her stuffed Doberman...that's right!! She had her favorite Doberman stuffed!! It sounds creepy each his own.
We used to spend our Thursdays getting her hair know how little old ladies like to have the hair was always up high in a bee hive.
And then she had a fallin' out with the hairdresser over me....some people believe what they read in the newspaper and the gossip around town......the media paints a picture far worse than it is and nothing about the truth.....and judge me by that crap not by my character........I do have my adult moments!
I adore this woman and her loyalty!!! MrsBullMoose gave up the bee hive becuz of some TightAss ChurchLady!!!
So now we spend much of our Thursdays shoppin' and fightin' over purses. She has beat me out of two!!
Thank God she doesn't wear the same size shoe!!
I told her it's okay about the purses. "Just put them together along with that ring I want and you can give them to me when you're done with them."
She has this is beautiful!! A pearl on cushion, set in platinum....she told me it was an engagement ring from some fella she had promised to marry before the Nazi's rolled into Vienna..."Doze Suckas!"
I never know what's gonna come from her mouth...we were at the Casino havin' lunch...they have old time music playin'....and she hears TonyBennett!! She leans over to me, "He was a great kisser. Mmmmm..."
She has a picture of her with CharletonHeston back in 1965....Oooh, was she gorgeous!! That tight dress with those huge knockers and white gloves...well glove....I am sure the other hand was on CharletonHeston's Ass!!!

And a temper......OOOh My!! Once we were on the road to town, a tractor was movin to another field.....backin' up traffic....oh did she lose it!! I didn't look at her when we passed the tractor but I hope she didn't flip him off.

Do you see the similarities??

And every time we go out it is something like that....always!
And there you have it....I just simply adore her, she's a hoot!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a COOL lady!!


Mannyed said...

sooooo awesome that you have a MrsBullMoose in your life! We could all use friends like that!!
Thanks for sharing your story!

Beth said...

now that was a great read, i bet she is a blast to be around. I also bet Roy is scared when the two of you get together !!!i would love to video tape one of your shopping trips , now that would make a great youtube video LOL

Kendra said...

I wish she was my mom...