Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Can I Start Over???

I'm havin' a bad day!

Really, I think I just wanna lay in bed......and do nothing!
Well, Big Kenny can sing to me....Lawzy, he has one of those voices that hits me jjjjjust right! Tall men....yummy!!

I choked on a pill this am.....and was alone....but with 6 cats watchin' me....Roy would find my cold dead body half eaten!

I'm sweatin' and I ain't doin' a damn thing!!!

I couldn't sign in to MSN!
I couldn't sign the wall for MzBeth!

I'm gonna go now....take my pity party and leave....and it's not even 9:00!!!


mannyed said...

I hate when I choke on things and noone's around. Scary.

Hope your day gets brighter. It's hump day!! That should make you feel somewhat better. Do you want me to sing "New Yor, New Yor" to you?

MizAngie said...

Is somebody hormoning??

Once you passed out the pill probably would have dissolved and gone on down the windpipe. You might have had a little brain damage but maybe you wouldn't have died. doesn't that cheer you right up?

Sherrie said...

Yuck I hate that eh!

Although the laying in bed all day would be welcome methinks, I'm sure if I could do that just once I wouldn't be so dang tired.

Hope you and your fish have a great day lady ~hugs~