Monday, June 18, 2007

A Blitherin' Idiot....

That is what this is....rants of a blitherin' idiot!!
But there is just some shit I just don't get!

A man walks in and asks me if I remember him.


My brain screams, "Fuck Yeah! I remember you! You turned my life upside down and drug me thru the shit! My life is what it is becuz of you and your type, you lyin' freak!"

But what comes out of my mouth, that I have forced into a smile, "Sure, do you have more kittens for me?"

I wonder if he can see the pain in my eyes?
He must! He looks away despite my fake smile.

The conversation turns to his profession.....And stray cats.....And he says, "I was told to treat everyone the same. And I can't treat each person and each case on their own merits."

We aren't talkin' about kittens anymore!!

Thinkin' about it now, I think I could actually cry!!

Justice is not only blind but deaf as well becuz no matter how loud you scream the truth nobody hears it!!

Yep, the tears fall!

Was he tryin' to justify what he did?
That it wasn't in his control???
Why doesn't he step up to the plate now and fix it??
I know why.....I know the truth.


Deborah said...

Take my suggestion and watch it on DVD (Boston Legal). I'm sure you can check it out at the library. It's funny.
Are you going to explain the terrible thing the "catman" did?
Blessed be...

Kendra said...

yes, what did he do? SHould Liz and I ready the pigs?

Diane said...

Hi Nadine:
Yes, I'm still alive and kicking.
But now I'm "oh, so curious"....what did this person do??

Cathy said...

Hi I'm finally here, been a busy few days, so what did he do??? had a lot of catching up to do here, love the baby pic's so cute and your friend Yup your twins he-he.

Dawn said...

I'll just keep checking back...I must know what he did.

mannyed said...

Oooh do I have to come down from "New Yor" and kick catman's tail?! Jerk.

Isn't it funny (well not so much) how we all have certain people whom if we run into, we have what we would say and do alll planned out, but when the time comes, the exact opposite happens.

Take confort in the fact that you are and always will be a better person than that sorry excuse for a human being will ever be.

J Dandy said...

Am I the only one that doesn't understand this line....

"I wanna to laugh and love...I just wanna to live it up!"

Why do you mess with me like that?