Saturday, June 23, 2007

And The Survey Says.....

Day dreaming......Apparently we all do it....not 1 person said they didn't!
It was a tie, 31%, between dreamin' about how to spend the lottery and daydreamin' about other things....What are those other things???

Anyway....I think daydreamin' is a good thing....the world needs dreamers.....we wouldn't be what we are if we didn't dream about things...the way it could be...or our goals in life.

I daydream a lot!!
I spend 85 percent of my time alone....with critters....that gives me lots of time to do it!
I mostly think of ways to spend the mega million dollar lottery....someday, I'm gonna hafta buy a ticket!

I would share!!!

I would throw a party!
Invite all my friends...RealWorld and BlogLanders.....RealWorld friends have kids in college....And above all....MzThystle deserves to have a rockin' birthday party!
Baby, We would do it up Vegas style....what happens at a Hightower Party, stays at a Hightower Party.....and THAT must be done in the state of Nevada!!!!
They have "different laws" there!!
And I video tape!!!
Solely for Prosperity!!
While we are in Vegas I would bankroll TheCalmDragon at poker.....he needs a new crowd...Viva LasVegas.....Can you dig it??

I would do my dead level best to boost the economy....I would shop 'til I dropped!!!
OOOhhhh would MzKaty, TheQueen, and I, shoe shop....A girl needs all the red high heels she can stand in!!
And I need a little work done.....if I'm gonna claim to be 35!
Mz Thystle, Mz Gina, and I would have to stage an intervention with MzDarlene....she is need of some serious help....dare I say it?
It just chokes me up thinkin' about it.
She only has a couple of purses to her name....and no fancy underwear!!!!!
Tsk tsk!!

She's gonna need some when we cruise the Caribbean!!
Which brings me to a huge problem....How am I gonna get MzWarm to the cruise ship???
She won't fly!!!
I would hire a limo to go get her....stop over in Nebraska....I can't party without my Cornhuskers!!
With or without the spouses...That would be your call!
And too, that might be THE ONLY WAY to get MzAngie to Travel!!!
Wouldn't that be a hoot!!

And I am a might not have noticed.....but I would have to stand on the corner in Winslow, Arizona....for my daddy!
He wanted to do that!

I have a lot of time on my hands....or rather my doesn't take a lot of mind power to shave a dog's I daydream!

I told Roy that we could split it down the middle and he could go his way and I would go my way.....and he got all pissy!!
Dude!! We could meet back in a year and see what we have left!!
You know he would spend it all different!! Cars, Motorcycles....and tools!!
Why, if you win the Mega Million Dollar lottery, would you want tools????

And I would follow Ted Nugent around the country and be in the first row where ever he played!!

Oh and let's not forget sexual fantasties.....which came in at 22%.....the bar.....a stranger....tall....blonde....well built....aaahhh......where is that pocket rocket when I need it????


kfarmer said...

Wow I had some catching up to do. Love the collage. You are such a "foxy lady"

mannyed said...

Consider this my R.S.V.P! Sooo there.

Beth said...

What are you waiting for !!!!!!!!!! GO buy that ticket, The Queen needs a new pair of shoes !!!!!!!!!!

Diane said...

Hiya Nadine:
Happy Birthday to whoever it is that's having a birthday!! It's my birthday in 3 days...I'll be 57...whoohooo...that means I've been here 10 years longer than they said I would be. Happy Life your comment about boosting the economy if you won the lottery...that would be me, too.
Ummmmm...I don't wanna be a whiney little brat...but you left me out of the party!! I would be willing to go on a cruise....honest!!
Hugs and Love....Diane.

Diane said...

YAYYYYYY!!! Put me down for the

Darlene Butts said...

Jeezum Crow, have I not been here in forever????

Totally all caught up!

I have exactly ONE purse. It is falling apart. Might have to buy another one soon.

Fancy underwear is NOT COMFORTABLE! You are just taking it off ANYWAYS! LMAO!