Monday, May 21, 2007

The Weekend With The HappyFamily

Our Weekend with the HappyFamily was a good one!
The HappyFamily constist of a MrsHappy....she worked with me 11 years ago. She is near and dear to my heart. Roy taught her to ride her motorcycle and I taught her to do Tequila Shots...both things are essential in life.
MrHappy hunts with Roy...Roy taught him to shoot his gun without fearin' the kick. He was sure missin' alot by flinchin' before he fired the rifle!
HappySon...8...thinks the world of Roy! One year for his birthday he received a pair of black cowboy boots, "Now I can be just like Roy!"
HappySister and HappyBaby...6 years and 18ms.
Just your typically little HappyFamily!
The whole point of going to Branson with the kids was to go to Siver Dollar City. It is a great amusement park for all ages. From the old Veterans to the Bikers to the GothicTeens....there are several rides and many craftsmen and tons of food, something for everyone!!
Well almost.....the tiny tots are sort of left out.....which means AuntyNadine and UncleRoy are sittin' out while HappyFamily rides the rides.
Oh, we would switch off depending upon the intensity of the ride....some of us have problems with the long as I concentrate on MY TeaCup I am good! But it I look around outside of the tea cup......OH the HeadRush!!!
And some us have problems with Roller Coasters....I will tell you about the Roller Coasters tomorrow.
And I don't think any of it has to do with a fright factor so much as I just don't want to be the one that gets a ride shut down becuz I barfed up my eggs!!!
That happened....not me....but someone tossed their cookies and the Giant Barn Swing was closed for clean up......which helped us out....we got in line anyway and didn't wait but about 30 minutes to get on it!!
And it was super fun!!!!
I think I could do that all day long!!
With my eyes closed!!!!
The highest peak is 75 feet and I opened my eyes to see what death looked like.....and I was lookin' DIRECTLY AT THE GROUND!!!!
I was screamin'!!! "Close your eyes!!"
I caught myself short of sayin' "Shit!"
It's a family park!!
Okay it slipped out 50ft.....but I just couldn't help myself!!!
Roy was sittin' to my right and on his right was a girl....maybe 19yrs old.....that told him he reminded her of her grandpa and was concerned about him when the ride was over.....he had mixed feelin' about that!! He handled the ride okay and appreciated the concern but the grandpa thing was more than he cared for!
And too, I don't care for certain water rides. I normally am placed in front of the everyone in the log ride and am supposed to get the wettest but I duck down and next person gets it all in the face!!
Plus I can't think of anything more icky than to walk around all day with your crotch wet.
So while HappyFamily was off to ride the WaterBoggin' thing, Roy and I watched HappyBaby.
I was thristy so I trotted my HappyAss over to get a frozen Cherry good when you are hot! He fed the icy mix to HappyBaby, and said, "We will probably wind up with sort of vivious child disease from this kid!"
But we shared anyway!

Sunday Am: "Honey, I think I had some vivious child disease!"
He just grinned.
"NO, I'm serious!! My mouth feels like I have drank something hot and have blister along my gum line!"
He stopped grinnin'!
"Now that you say that I think I do too! I TOLD YOU!!! We picked up something ICKY!!"

Live and Learn!!


Cathy said...

Happy Family were they the Clever's? I didn't think that was possible now-a-days LOL. Oh darn you guessed Yellowstone I'm excited can't wait for Thursday am, looking at the weather and I'm going to freeze my arsh off. Spoke with PPA she had a nice weekend with family hopefully she'll blog tomorrow I told her too??? Have a great week,

mannyed said...

Sniff, why didn't you ask me to go to the amusement parks. You know I love flying threw the air. Sniff.

:o) I'm glad you all had a good time! Minus the infectious child disease.

Proto said...

ewwww! HappyAss has Blister Gums.

Beth said...

I just love roller coasters !!!! they are ssssoooooo fun but the teacups, you can have them, i would hurle for sure. SOunds like a good time in the end. Is Roy over the Grandpa thing yet ??? LOL
Have a great day

Sherrie said...

LOL @ Proto's comment!

I'm a scared SPITLESS of roller coasters, and no it's not an age thingy, lol I'm just a happychickensh*t. Hubby and I did however go on a mountain one, can't remember the name of it, in Disneyland, on our honeymoon a hundred years ago. I was pretty sure I was a dead woman let me tell ya!

Btw.......George is gorgeous!