Thursday, May 03, 2007

Twenty Feet....

Just 20 feet!!
That's all it was...20ft!!
Roy was 20 feet from finishin' the fence when the cattle was trucked out!!!
Saturday, he was workin' away diligently at finishin' the project when one of the neighbors came by to chat with him...he thinks she wants his body....sure thing....its a great body....and when he smells like good clean hard work.....oh Baby!!!
I have a thing for farmers! That tractor smell and good clean hard work.....oooooooh Yeah!!
And men in uniform....okay just men in general!
But anyway, she stopped to talk with him about the CowSituation. She and her husband...and so not built like Roy.......had been woke up 3 times by those cattle....they live 1/4 of a mile north of us....and once by a Sheriff'sDeputy!! The SD had told them if they can't find the owner then they could keep the cows....riiiight!!!
Don't believe everything the SD tells you.....when SheriffUncleJoeBob gets ousted from office his nephew is out of a job....but we won't go there. Not all uniforms that trips my trigger....I have to respect the wearer!
So Roy's told me to call the SD and see what our options are as this is too much for the Neighbors to handle on their own as the CowOwner is so belligerent!
I did and was told a lot of Shuck&Jive and that it was a civil matter and there was nothing he could do.
Waitta Minute.........Back up the Truck!!!
Nothing??? I can see this gettin' real ugly!
"You don't understand. Some one is gonna get hurt! This man is totally confrontational!! There is no speakin' civil with him. We need a mediator for this matter. Today!" See! I do know the big words.
He agreed to go out and "strongly convey" the situations and consequences of the roamin' cows being hit by a car...that was all we laws about animals at large in Oklahoma...if they had been vicious cows then we might have a leg to stand on....that bull that put Roy back in the truck was pushin' it but still not considered vicious!
In the meantime, the NorthernNeighbor had contacted the CowOwner'sMother....a crusty old woman....she told him to gather them up and take them to the sale barn!!

Just like that!!!!
They were loaded up Sunday and the NorthernNeighbor hauled their MoseyAsses off to the sale barn!!!

20 Frickin' Feet!!!!

It's like the end of movie where the hero dies.....and you are sittin' there in the dark wondering why you spent all the money on popcorn and the ticket to see a frickin' movie where the hero freakin' dies!!!!!

Roy and I have rationalized this all justify the expense of the fence....that had he not built the fence the cows would not have mosey'd further north to someone else's property who could better handle the cows.

And all is peaceful in the land!

We now have our property fenced...all but the front 75 feet across the front of the house....which now the great debate starts as to what sort of fence is going in.....Of course Roy want Barbed wire with Constantina along the top and I want decorative.....we shall see!!
Roy has a gate up to keep unannounced visitors.....I don't now how many times we have been havin' sex and someone has been bangin' on the door!!!
Talk about a BuzzKill!!! Now they will have to sit out in the driveway until we are to deal with them.

And that's the way the Cow Patty Splats.......The End!


cathy said...

Poor cows, LOL no he's not gay he's just a shit head with power over the computers/monitors and likes to be an dick, but now he's putty in my hand he wants what I have ha-ha. have a great weekend,

Diane said...

Hiya Nadine: Well, at least now you have a nice fence. It's probably one of those "property value raising" type of thingees. I'm sure glad none of the cows got hurt, because, as everyone knows...I'm a huge cow-lover. My whole house is full of cow-this and cow-that. Only the black and white ones, though. The dairy cows...they're the ones I like. Goes back to my childhood and when I used to go with my Dad when he was checking out the dairy farms for cleanliness for the Creamery that he worked for. Whew...that was long-winded, wasn't it??
I was rolling on the floor, laughing my bum off at the fish story in your last blog. Do you think the little fishy is doing that on purpose?
Thanks for stopping by hun...I love it when you crack me up!!

Proto said...

buzzkills suck

Sherrie said...

20 feet??????? Sure woulda been nice to know ahead of time that you just might not need the darn thing though eh!?

jeankfl said...

And you can even claim you don't know a thing about it!!lol Well, at least you have the fence finished if they decide to get more cows! Asses! I'm glad the northern neighbors decided to call the Mom..she doesn't sound too easy to get along with ,either!! Or she's sick of him, too!lol

mannyed said...

Well glad that cow situation is all wrapped up! Now on to the type of fence debate! Yeehaw!