Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Things That Make You Go Hhmmm.....

The cute twentysomething girl gently running her finger up under her very short shorts to retrieve her panties....thinkin' I didn't see it!! She shoulda wore a thong!! It's there, just leave it!!

The SemiTruck that didn't know what a yeild sign was for.....That's Okay!! I just whip one outta my ass for me to yeild to....Bastard!!!

Why do people pierce their tongues and then play with it?? It is bad enough that you are speakin' to me with a lisp and a spray but I don't need to see it roll across your teeth....Mostly boys do that and very young girls....it is like watching a cow chew its cud with metallic noises.

Have you ever had a conversation with a person that had a binky....a pacifier.... in their mouth??? A grown up??? Try it once. It's something you will never forget! It was all I could do to keep from reachin' across the desk and poppin' it out of her mouth!

What happened to the Trooper that was drivin' the Gov of NewJersey??? 91mph?? The Gov didn't have his seat belt on??? TrooperDude didn't walk away unscratched!! Roy wrecked.....125mph....air bags and seat belts in use....he injured his shoulder and had glass in his hand....the passenger hurt his knees......VERY LUCKY!!!

I read in the newspaper that the Pope was teaching a Limbo class....the Pope must be really limber!!!


mannyed said...

and I thought NYC was a bit strange...nope! Okie wins hands down, lol.

Princess said...

Ok don't shoot me!!! LOL thanks for putting up with me...all in all i am ok ...i just haven't wanted to come into this office at all....plus i have been sick & trying to rest....i did pout a little about what's up w/ me but as you know you can't express your true thoughts & feelings w/ written words well at least i am not good at it. I hope you are well & i do miss you hugs xoxo Nat

Sherrie said...

Okay so just today, I was telling the lady that I work with that I really had to do something about my weight cause well.......my bum was getting bigger, and apparently it was hungry cause it keeps eating my ginch! Yep I shoulda worn a thong too LOL!