Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Don't tell anyone!!

But I have taken over the PC!

This is George HW Hightower. My mom is away from the desk so I thought I tell you how it really is around here! She is back there up to her eyeballs in stinky dogs.
I have tried to add pix but too much for this cat!!!

When my momma tricked me out from under the bed with catnip I was shocked! She put me in a carrier but not my brothers or THOSE DUMB BABIES. I really hate them. But oh does my momma love them. If I am ever left alone with them for any length of time, I will kill them and make it look like an accident. For the longest time they didn't even know I was in the house! Dumb Babies!!

Where was I?? Being up in the carrier but nobody else!!

This is all wrong!! I don't care how many times my momma sings me Georgy Porgy, I am not happy!

She can call me puddin' pie all she wants, I am scared!!

That was 2 weeks ago! I think I like it here with Mom. I have her all to myself. I meet her at the door every morning and she give me a big hug. She brings me catnip from home. I play with feet under her desk. She squeals when I bite her toes. I like to hear her squeal.

She shares her sandwich with me. Yum! Baloney is good! I'm not so crazy about that roast beef.

I hope I don't catch some icky people disease!

She told me to catch the mouse.
THE mouse? I have yet to see it.
All I have picked up is some fleas. That didn't sit well with Mom!

But that fish!!

I sure would like to get ahold of that thing! It looks dead sometimes. If only I could get to it. She put it in that glass cabinet so I couldn't. She knows me too well.

It isn't as nice as at home where I sleep on Mom's bed. In the mean time, it will do. But just as soon as I show her a dead mouse I am outta here!

Oh, here she comes....I know the noise of those flip flops!


mannyed said...

LUUUUUCKY! George gets to come with you to work!!

Have tons of fun Georgy Porgy!

Beth said...

Slumber parties, those were the days huh !!!! See, you can arrange a spaces slumber party.wouldnt that be wild !!!

cathy said...

Catch the mouse Georgy and you can go home :) I'm so ready to get out of here, and "NO" she has the computer shut down and the office locked, said she has nothing to write about, she's a trip and pouting is what she's doing, she won't listen to anyone just doesn't want to blog right now :( I'm glad to see "Beer" is winning !!! BYE TTY when I get back, hugs~cathy~

Sherrie said...

LOL oh boy that was way too cute. The poor old thing, just wants to be home with his Momma. Hope he catches that pesky mouse soon!

Have a great day :-) ~hugs~