Saturday, May 12, 2007

Smell That Smell??

Date Night!!
Roy calls at 3:50. "Are we goin' out?"
"I'll get started cleanin' up. I know how you like that diesel smell but I don't think you want me to go out lookin' like this!"
He was covered head to toe in oil.
He has almost an hour and a half to get ready.
I rolled in the driveway at the door to the house and it hits me!!!
"Don't you know you're supposed to get those cheaps whores outta my house before I get home?"
He looks up at me, "What?"
That a room full of French Whores was emittin' from my living room!!
"Honey, your after shave is...." I could see he was startin' to fret over it...."a bit heavy. Smells like lemons."
I tried to smooth it over.....I think I did a good job of it as he didn't go reshower!

I didn't buy that cologne. His daughter did! One of those "Oh God I have to buy Dad!" a gift he is given a cheap box set of nasty smellin' stuff. Probably some idea that came from her mother!
Don't you just love a good smellin' man? And then he adds a great cologne or after shave??
Very few men wear aftershave that come thru this office door. I normally get smelly men....ciggies, mixed with too much coffee and couple that with bad body odor...... so gross!!! When a nice lookin man comes in with a great smell I totally groove on is so rare!! I catch myself short from throwing my head back and takin' deep breathes of it all.
Once a man came in and I didn't really pay that much attention to him....he was in a deep discussion with the BossMan....he was tall...48-50....brown hair.....very well tanned from years of farming.......not bad lookin'....I can see where his son gets his good looks.....but I didn't notice much!
As he was walkin' out the door the wind caught his scent.....tractor exhaust and hard work.....not bad body odor at all.....I couldn't help myself...after he left I walked around the counter and took it all in.....SEVERAL deep breathes.....Roy was soooooo gettin' laid!!!

And now there in my livin' room was this icky smell comin' from my man!!!!
Rather than fuss about it I just went with it.....we had a nice meal and lost more money at the casino....then home for some good lovin'.
As I laid there in the crux of his arm, with my head on his chest, That Icky Smell hit me again!!!

That shit has to go!!!

This mornin', I scoped out the bathroom for it, sniffin' all those bottles of cheap cologne....NONE OF WHICH I BOUGHT......Found it!!! Hid it!!! Until I can smuggle it out!!!
If he says anything to me, I'll tell that it reminds of my ex-husband and he'll never wear it again!!


mannyed said...

goood plan! i flat out tell the hubby if i don't like his cologne buy saying "it bothers my allergies..."

jeankfl said...

I do hate it when they wear that horrible stuff! Just wanted to say Happy Mother's day to all the Mothers!!

KFarm said...

I used to date a guy that wore Eternity. To this day I get myself all worked up if I smell that scent.