Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Roller Coasters....


One would think I didn't...I am a screamer! I screamed so much on Saturday and Sunday that by Monday my giggle was at a pitch only dogs could hear!!!
I could only get out Oooo Hooo!!!
It is better to day!

My first roller coaster ride was when I was 6...I think....First grade....Must have been 6. The coaster I don't really remember, just my aunt's comment afterwards..."You are as white as a sheet!"

My most scariest ride was the Zingo...I was 9 or 10.....my mother's weekend....she and her lesbian lover took all of us to Bell's in Tulsa. Bell's has now been kicked off the fairgrounds and Zingo is currently in the process of being torn down.....Makes me think of that song...Pave Paradise and put in a parkin' lot....sad really.......but anyway...

My little brother was 5ish and I was put in charge. We were going to ride that thing!

Zingo is a wooden roller coaster and nothing really special about it. It is just one most kids in the Tulsa area know very well.

So anyway...we are on it and take off and it wasn't too long before my baby brother started to slide down under the bar! And one quick turn, he was tossed towards the opening! In my mind I could see him thrown out and hurled to the ground and his death!

Not on MY WATCH!!!

I grabbed him and held him with one arm and held on the bar with the other....and we rode it out!! You talk about white as a sheet! We both were!!!

I have stood there lookin' at Zingo many times over the years not once wanting to get back on it.....just one of those bad things, I don't want to repeat!!!

I have ridden many coasters. I love them all. The ones that are suspended and do the corkscrews and the loop da loops....I scream the whole way!!!

Our weekend trip was no different!

Silver Dollar City has 4 or 5....Thunderation is the best to start kids on, it is mild compared to the others in the park. You can ride it forward or backward....and of course backwards make you the dizziest!!

The Wildfire is best for loop da loops...it's fast!! And that I think is the problem with most rides....they are too short after standing in line for 2 hours! We did that in Dallas to ride the Batman....awesome ride....maybe 60secs????

Have you ever been in Dallas in July in tin building without A/C?????? That alone is apt to make a person sick!!!

The Power Keg at SDC is real cool....you are propelled 0 to 60 in 2.3 seconds straight up and dropped down a steep hill.....and there are twists and turns.....Just an awesome coaster!! MrsHappyFamily and HappySon rode it with me and Roy.....The boy may never get back on another coaster!!! He was doin' all he could to keep from cryin' when we got off.....Roy said he was probably shook up becuz of that WOMAN screamin' her ass off behind him......I CAN'T HELP IT!!!!

Some times when you go the park during the slow season, you can ride them over and over again....Once Roy and I were on the Wildfire and I screamed the whole way!!! I have tried to suppress it but I just can't do it....it just comes out!!

When we got back to the barn to get out, the man asked if we wanted to go again.....And the lady and her 7 year old daughter that was sittin' next to me were discussin' it......Mom said,"Do want to do it again?"

And the little girl thumbs at me, "NOT if she is goin'!"

I was laughin' so hard at that I had to get off.....Far be it for me to ruin a little girl's fun!!!

So Share! What was your roller coaster like???


kfarm said...

Oh man it is a serious toss up between Chang or T-2 at Six Flags here is Lousiville. Chang is the one you stand up on and it has all the corkscrew turns. T-2 is the roller coaster where your feet dangle and it has corkscrew turns as well. I am a screamer too! I suggest all adults in line scream as it keeps your from tensing up. If you tense up you end up with a sore neck and a headache. Shout out for the Screamers!!!

Mannyed said...

When I was a kid I used to run in the opposite direction when it came to roller coasters. Then as I got a bit older I grew out of my fear and will probably try any roller coaster at least once. I've been to a bunch of Six Flags/Great Adventures...let's see Texas; Cali; N.J.; Upstate, N.Y.; and the list goes on. My first one was called The Dragon or something like that in Rye Playland in Rye, New York. It was in a Mariah Carey video. I have yet to try the new Kingda Ka one in NJ. Look that one up. : P

VENTL8R said...

The Zambizi ZInger at Worlds of Fun in KC was a great metal coaster that zipped you through the trees to the point you thought your head was going to get snapped off. That one was torn down and the Mamba was built right next to it; 205' was the first hill/ I think we could see the house in Omaha from way up there. The TimberWolf is a great wooden coaster there, too.

In St. Louis The Boss is a LONG wooden coaster, well over 3". The American Eagle at Six Flags Great America in Chicago is another great wooden coaster. I love wooden coasters....it's the jerking, the sound of creaking wood that adds to the drama.

jeankfl said...

I love Zingo!! I can't believe they're kickin' Bells out!! It's been there since God was a child! I have lots of pics of us at bells as children..I think my first time on the little train was when I was about 8 months old! But..I'm not a big fan of other roller coasters..get too sick and scared, most of the time..although I have been known to enjoy them if I'm coaxed on!lol

Vickie said...

I used to love the Texas Tornadeo at Astroworld. I recognized the roller coaster in a Jimi Hendrix video they played on MTV for awhile. It was an old wooden roller coaster. Astroworld is no more and the Texas Tornadeo is gone. AHHHHH good times.

-ksgrrl said...

I LOVE coasters!

(Zambizi Zinger! Wooo!) But I clearly remember the first time that my dad took me on The Orient Express, my first roller coaster with loops. I was a smidgen too short to ride the ride, but dad hefted me up a bit as we walked past the measuring bar. The scary part, though, is that the harness that clamps down over a person's shoulders was at least 4 to 5 inches away from my shoulders! I almost slipped out of the sheet except that my dad noticed and held me down.

And I haven't been to Silver Dollar City since High School.

Wow. I'll have to make a point of taking in a few coasters this summer.

beth said...

i love the roller coasters too !!!! the rest of the rides i can live without, but the coaster is the best right up there with the sky flyer.