Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The RainGods Hate Me! Part 2

There is always more!!

In 1998, when Roy and I strolled in the Chevy dealer we had no intentions of buying a car....but we did....right off the showroom floor. I knew it the minute I saw it, it was meant for me. And Roy drove it home.
I had a fan club! It, a Camaro SS, was the first one in the county. Many people....mostly men....came to see it. From cops to teenagers, they would circle the parkin' lot to look at it. Or those that were more bold would actually park in front of it, nose to nose and stare. It was awesome!! I "bathed" it weekly!! I had a fan club, I had to keep it shiny!!!
I love my car!! I am in tune with it...like a Jedi Knight...I know when something is wrong with it. Once I got back from lunch and it smelled hot....I called Roy. "There is something wrong with the car!" Turned out to be the water pump. And when it happened again......it was the heater hose!

Over the years, the fan club has dwindled, the baths were less frequent and it's showin' its age......still no dents!!! Just chips in the paint from High speeds on the highway.

A few years back I started getting gas where if I filled up I could get a discount on car washes. What a great idea! It is just so much easier to drive thru than to get out and walk around with that spray nozzle....it hurt my hand....carpal tunnel...or something.
That is when it happened! The power window thingy started acting up. I had put in my car wash tokens in the machine and pressed the button for the window to go back up when NOTHING happened!
I backed the car up and got out...why I'm not sure....maybe to rethink it....to plan my next move...I think better walkin' and cussin' at with a lot of arm wavin'.....so I decided to get back in and turn the key off and turn it back on and hopefully the window would go up....NOTHING!!!!!
Screw the Tokens! and I drove home.....Let Roy handle it!!!
And do you know that the thing worked!!!!!
Of course Roy didn't see a problem.....nothing to fix!
This sort of thing went on for 6 months!! Some days the window would work and some days it would only go part way!
I chalked it up to the RainGods!! They saw fit to sabotage my power window!!!! I had been cussin' at them for years!!
It is not enough that I can't roll my windows down...and have to burn my ass but now they want to destroy my power window switch??
But the last straw was at the bank, It would only go down 8 inches! There were men watching me.....That was totally embarrassin'!! I am a short woman that has enough problems as it is with the world without my beloved car turning on me!! I drove immediately from the bank to the Chevy dealer! I had vowed NEVER to go back to them becuz of those idiots actually drove my car!!!
They put 12 miles on it!!!
Do you know how fast that thing is in one mile???? And they put 12 on it!!!!
And sin above all sins....they jacked with my radio!!!
What exactly does replacin' a fuse thingy have anything to do with driving it 12 miles and jackin' with my radio??????
But I needed help immediately!!! I sucked it up and had to be a grownup....though you know I don't like it.
I whipped it in the service area and got out....with my MadOn!! That is just the total opposite of my HappyAss good cheer!
If I didn't love that car so much I would have kicked it....plus I had two men watchin' me. I when straight to the counter and started tellin' them what was wrong.
"I'm having a problem with my window goin' up and down and have been for the last 6 months."
The young man that was listenin' to me said with his head tilted to the side as if he were speakin' to a 16 year old girl, "And with it being so hot out that's just a bummer!"
He even bobbed his head!!!

I just stared at him!! I couldn't believe he had spoken to me in such a way....I was almost...ALMOST...speechless!

I tilted my head to the side and bobbed it a bit and said "Duh!! Fix it!"


MizAngie said...

Ahhhhh, the boy didn't know he was messin' with a firecracker with a short fuse!!!

So did ya get it fixed?

Sherrie said...

LOL @ your Madon........I have a whine-on so don't feel you need to visit me, I'm hoping to find my HappyAss soon. I'm surprised you didn't give him a slap-on which btw is not to be confused with a stra....oh nm. Hehehe, boys....they really are uhm *cute* aren't they :-|

mannyed said...

how dare that little boy make light of your car emergency! I agree with Sherrie...should've got your slap-on!

Katy said...

The window on my Buick did that to me the day before the first day of school. So I had to drive to the first day of school in my cutest teacher ensemble sweating my a$$ off! I got a new care the next week.