Sunday, May 27, 2007

The RainGods Hate Me! Part 1

I have had my car for about 9 years. I love my car. I have taken very good care of it.
Sure, there have been an occasional race(s) and burnin' of tires but all in all, I have done well at taken care of it.
Like a momma bear with her cub!
It's first assault was the BossMan's son....he was 4ish and out climbin' on it!
I squealed!!!
I went running out there to pull him off!!!
Whew....Only a surface scratch!

Over the years, things have had to be replaced...water pump...heater hose....none of it cheap!

But the ongoing battle is with the RainGods....And I never win...ever!

When I get to work, I sit in my car and listen to the radio for a bit and decide if I should roll the windows down or not. I don't want it to be so hot when I get in later that I burn my legs on the seat!! Seems reasonable!

One would think that would be an easy clouds...sunny skies....the weather map looked good....Let's put the down.

Or it's cloudy....with a chance of rain.....leave them up.

Easy enough!!

It doesn't work that way in the spring!!! It can be the most beautiful day and in an instant a rain shower will pop up. A nice soft gentle warning.

9 times out of car windows are down! In fact, I can almost guarantee that if I roll my car windows down that it will rain!
No windows will rain!
I have told people that if they really want it to rain all I have to do is leave my windows down! They laugh...add "and wash it!" HA HA HA!
Not funny!!!
To me!!!
Washin' it doesn't seem to MoJo doesn't work that's just car windows!

I can be sittin' at the desk diligently workin'....or emailin' friends....look up at the front door and it looks like clear skys....look out the big window to the left and it's rainin'! I can see it in the trees!!!
Soft gentle rain.....look over to the car.....with the windows down.......Shit a Brick!!!
I grab my purse...dig out the keys and head out there. I keep a towel in there so I can wipe down the inside.

It is a fact of life I have learned to live with....NOT to not leave the car windows down...but that I have bad MoJo!!! That little scenario I just describe to you happen Saturday!!!

WE had to go around the barn but HERE is where this whole story ties together.....every time the RainGods sense my windows are down and it rains on my electronic do-hickeys!!!

More to the point...the button that powers up the window....the one on the driver's side!!

Is that addin' insult to injury??!!!

Oh There's more...........


Beth said...

All that and there is more........OH No, i hope you got them working after they dries out some.

mannyed said...

I'll have to have a chat with the rain gods. Nobody messes with Nadine.

Proto said...

blink, blink

Sherrie said...

You could dance naked around the car.......hey no sense in wasting a good rain right :-)