Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Office Fish....

Is drivin' me nuts!!!!

Right now he looks dead!
He is over there floating belly up!!
It's a trick!!
I kid you not!!
I have tried to take his picture to be able to prove he's psycho but by the time I get my camera out and in position he will straighten up and swim right!!
I got the camera out and he went to flippin around!
Now that I am in the middle of this and a phone call...which I am only getting every other word...he belly up again!!!!
This started last Friday. I was super busy. I was in the middle of a phone call when I glanced over to his bowl and noticed he was dead!
Damn it! Another WalMartFish bites the dust!
Retracing everything I had done that morning in my mind....thinkin' did I feed him? Yes!
Did I have something on my hands that could have poisoned him?? No!
I changed his water.....Goldfish are messy slobs.....That wasn't it....he lives in room temp Springwater!
Shakin' my head and conveyin' my pity to the FishGod....... He only lasted one month! He was a replacement fish for the Betta that died....UGH!!!
He is doing it again.....belly up!!!!!
Anyway, the Betta had personality. This fish that I haven't even name was already dead....but just as I hang up the phone, he starts to swim backwards and then rights himself!!
What the Hell??
I have been watching him all this time....he likes to float!!
Annnnd.....blow bubbles....he makes this noise that's gettin' on my nerves!!! It's like a kid poppin' his's like the faucet drippin'!!!!
It's all my fault.
I dropped him in the floor.
I had too much in my hands and I lost my grip on his bag and he fell to the floor.....water every where....there he was on the floor gaspin' for water! I dropped the rest of what I had on the desk and ran for the bowl and some spring water....scoop him up and prayed to the FishGod to let him pull thru.
It's pay back!!
Look at him over there....plottin' what to do next!


mannyed said...

well I guess he suffered a bit of brain damage when you dropped him on the floor! Actually, I had a gold fish, Sunny, that did the same thing. He also likes to do somersaults (sp?) all day long. I miss him.

Cindy said...

Okay, now that I've spent over an hour catching up on your blog...and laughing my ass of in the process...HI Nadine!

I loved the shoes! I'm all about the shoes! If I could afford it, I'd have more, even though everyone I know things I have too many as it is. Blasphemy!!

And I understand people wanting to shave their dogs, too. I have two german shepherds...they are notorious shedders...drives me nuts...but as if I'd ever shave them! Wouldn't that make a pretty Christmas card picture? LOL
Glad your pup is better now. One of mine has ripped his dewclaw a few times and it's so not nice!

I can't even think of what to say about the crazy-ass fish. I don't get the whole fish thing....don't know why people want them as 'pets'.
Maybe it's just bored and trying to entertain itself?? Maybe you should put another fish in with it so it has a playmate?

Sherrie said...

LOLLLLLLLL you did it again you know! You absolutely make me laugh my butt off, I never know what to expect from you. But I can picture you looking at that fish out of the corner of your eye, just waiting for him to pay you back somehow. Reminds me of Jaws really.....can you hear it? That music???? do do do do do do do do do do do.........okay I'll stop now hehe! Whatever you NOT turn your back on him!