Friday, May 11, 2007

No Wonder!!

While watchin' a TV commercial about women givin' birth...I don't know what they were advertisin' but we watched different women thru the various stages of labor. From the smiles of knowin' they would see their baby the quick breathin' the pain and push of the joy of seein' the baby for the first time.

Roy says,"Women! They have the same expression on their faces whether its the throes of passion or in great pain. It's no wonder men are so fuckin' confused!"

Ya Think!!!!


mannyed said...

that's not the only reason why men are so confused...

cathy said...

you forgot to mention gambling on NFL games, :( just wanted to pop over and say "Hi" been a crazy and wacky week, TGIF going to see Charlie Daniels, OutLaws and Marshall Tucker Saturday with the gang, and no I'm not a country girl, Ok have a great weekend. TTYL

Proto said...

What mannyed said.
then poker, poker, poker.