Sunday, May 06, 2007

It Just Bugs Me But...

It was fun....I wore my hat...even made one for my Granny! It looked like something from the Cat in the Hat but with antennas. She looked lovely and got lots of compliments.
My sister somehow got screwed outta the party being her thing.....ChurchLadies are so wonderful.....NOT!! I heard more catty remarks there than at any of our family functions.
I don't know the details but one would think that Church would be the one place a person could go to not be stabbed in the back!!
They fed us and read to us the emails that everyone sends around at least threes and gave away prizes....Ruby June was the first in our family to win a prize. I jumped up and yelled "Woo Hoo!!"
She turned to another family asked if she could sit with them, "I really don't belong with THEM!! Adopt me!" least she wore her antennas!! Our whole group wore them....'sept one of my neices...."That is just too dorky!"
I even won a prize!! Woo Hoo!!!
I traded it around as I don't really want anything from them and ended up with a candle!! Before I left, I gave it to my mother and told her loud enough for all to hear, "You can have it. I'm not allowed candles. I am a recovering arsonist."
RubyJune rolled her eyes, "Oh Lord."
I have a theory. People are gonna talk about you. It doesn't matter who you are or what you did people are gonna talk....good or bad.
Right or Wrong.
People are gonna talk! So why not start it yourself!!
And make it outta left field!


Beth said...

I love the hat !!!!!! You did great.

I thought you had the firebug issue taken care of!! Good thing you passed on the candle, shows progress !

So glad the storms didn't come your way, that was one nasty mess out there.
Have a great Monday

ZooKeeper said...

don't you just make the cutest lil bug!

Jeankfl said...

Great hat!! You looked great. I agree, church SHOULD be the safe place to fav song in school was Bonnie Raitt.. "Something to talk about"..We used to start rumors just to keep the jaws waggin'. I figure if they're talking about me, they're given' someone else a break!!

Sherrie said...

MzKaty is right, they likely would have tried to save you lol! Omg I absolutely LOVE the hat, you just rawk woman! And I can just see your family's faces when you hauled out all their hats as well lol. I seriously would love to share a few shots of tequilla with you one day!

You know my Mom used to say to me....she'd say "Sher......if they're talking about you they're leaving some other poor bastard alone"........didn't she have a way with words LOL? But she was right, and I've carried those words with me over the years, done my BEST to make sure I've always given THEM something to talk about ~wink~.

Hmmm let's see, another survey idea....uhm....can we make it a sex one........huh....can we....can we????

Have a great day lady :-)


Bri said...

I love the antenna idea, so cute!

Cindy said...

You're so right! Everyone talks about everyone! Friends talk about other friends, most people start sentences with the words, "Did you hear?" Most of it's harmless, so whatever. And yes, if you know you're going to be the topic of discussion, you might as well make it more interesting than it would have been without your input!!! LOL