Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Could Just Cry!!

I have been workin'...Yes I know hard to believe but I have....I really hate that! The BossMan is gone and I am not goofin' off???? I haven't had a chance to comment on the comments:

The Blister Block from BandAid works like a dream!!!! NO more blister in my red leopard thongs!! Those are shoes....not blister on my ass!

George is the sweetest cat. He is not declawed and has never offered to use them...EVER! He is very gentle when he grabs my feet....and bites my scary when talkin' on the phone and he latches on to my whole foot! He does like to give massages. And it feels like acupuncture and a soothin' massage all at the same time!

I love love rubadub love roller coasters!! The older I get the harder it is to ride them without getting sick. I don't mind them at all. If I had the time and the money I would be one of those that would travel the country just to ride the coasters! I have no fear of them....I just DO NOT WANT TO THROW UP IN PUBLIC!!

Most importantly....Today is Tommy Chong and Bob Dylan's Birthday!! "So EveryBody Must Get Stoned!"

So on with the show.......

Yesterday, Roy called me 3 or 4 times.....which was odd.

So I asked him what the deal was, "Have you got me confused with your girlfriend or something?"

He giggled!
I think it's cute when he giggles!!
Not a deep belly laugh but a little snicker.

About 15 minutes after our last phone call, a lady comes in with flowers! 13 red roses!!

"Looks like someone bought you flowers!"

Holy O'Shit!!!!

I was so stumped!!
Who could be sendin' me flowers???

Roy ain't gonna like this at all!!!
He can be such a jealous bastard!
I am rollin' over and over in my brain who could have sent them. They can't be from Roy! I practically twisted his arm to get them for Valentines's Day....which was the day after....which by the way the OfficeFish is benefittin' from the vase!

The little old ladies that fight over me....nope! They both are very tight with their money....though they love me!

I can't think of any members of my FanClub that would be brazen enough to send them knowin' Roy as they do!!!! He got all bent outta shape when I had flowers on my desk for SexataryDay!!

I decided that I wouldn't open the card. I would just give the whole thing to Roy and let him fret over it.

"Is today a holiday??? Nope???"

I just set the card down and looked at it for a long time.....tryin' to figure out the handwrittin' on the outside....No Clue!!!

Curiosity got the better of me, I opened the card.

These poignant words will forever be seared in my heart!

"Thank you for this Wyatt. And yes, you are still neater than shit!"

Brings a tear to your eye....doesn't it?

Happy 13th Anniversary Roy!!!


Proto said...

sniff, sniff
I can feel the emotion...

mannyed said...


So romantic...Friday is going to be one hell of a date night!

Dawn said...

hee cute...

KM said...

I think that's exactly the way romance should be--not too sappy or clingy, but JUST RIGHT. So glad that you have found a soul mate.

Sherrie said...

:-).......just perfect wasn't it!