Monday, May 07, 2007

Holy Moses!!!

Break out the Ark!! It was rainin' a real toad strangler this am!!
Meaning I couldn't get online...and when I did I had THE one workin' line tied no phone calls for business purposes!!
I felt guilty!
I broke out Lee Child...the Jack Reacher series....I am groovin' on that!
I gonna goof way or another!!
I am comin' up empty on my next question for the Mini Poll. That last one was MzGina's idea...mens before I give you the results and editorialize of the recent poll, I like to have another ready to go.....any ideas??
Any burning questions that you have been dying to ask but just couldn't???

Let me know!!


mannyed said...

I guess you better get all your animals in line, two by two.

Not sure if I have any burning questions for the survey...hmmm...maybe something alcohol related?

Proto said...

that last poll left off a possible answer, boxer briefs, which are all the rage and in multiple colors and do the job of both other types really well.
What would I ask? What would be your favorite starting hand in hold'em poker, AA or AK suited, or AK not suited, or Jack-Ten or other. I guess most would be other with AA a close second. Nevermind, now about that recovering arsonist...

Dawn said...

Hope the rain stops soon..

Loved the pic with the antenna..

Have a great day.

Diane said...

Hi Nadine:
It's been my experience that "church people" are the WORST gossips I've ever met.
Loved your hat in the last Sounds like you had fun. Of course, being you, not having fun is not an option, is it?
Sorry, I don't have any burning questions for a

jeanfkl said...

I had a couple of ideas, until I sat down at the computer...isn't that always the way?? How about mixed drinks, straight shots or beer? Or blonde, brunette, or redhead? Or do you like men with beards or clean shaven, or moustache only? There's three ideas...if you don't like them, maybe they'll spark an idea in you..or books..romance, non-fiction, or science fiction/fantasy? there's 4! Boy, just get me started and I'll spit out cr*p all day, I guess!!
Hugs, Jean