Tuesday, May 08, 2007

George Has Been Drafted!!

Ask not what your Veterinarian can do for you but what you can do for your Veterinarian!
Now is the time for all good Cats to come to the add of their Veterinarian!
We have mice at the clinic! Of all the cats in my household, George is the best one for the job!
Roy has resisted. But George will ship out for battle tomorrow. It is what he was trained for when he was an outside cat. He is a highly trained killer. I have watched in the early days in the pasture across the road stalkin' something!
He is a lean mean mousin' machine!!
I am hopin' that his tour of duty will only be one week....live at the clinic and prowl through out the night seekin' his prey!


Dawn said...

Good Luck George....be safe!!

Proto said...

Hope he doesn't get distracted by all the other creatures there...