Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I really had no idea that there was so much to gamblin'!! I feel very stupid...more than usual!!
I never...ever.....considered Bingo gamblin'!!
Hell!! I did it in the first grade!!!!
How can that be wrong?????
Not that gamblin' is wrong....apparently, we all do it some degree. It's more than slots and craps!

I have never played the ponies.....or the office pool....I am the office!

And is Strip Poker really gamblin'???
And wouldn't "Quarters" be in that class of games.....I am good at that!!! I wound up skinny dippin' over a game of Quarters once.....what is it about drinkin' and being nekked???

The survey says that most play the slots....I would have to fall into the catergory. Followed by purchasin' lottery tickets.....I have done that but only on select days....birthdays mostly. I don't know just seems like the right thing to the time.

Oddly enough as popular as poker has become only 12% admitted to playin'. I could never play poker! I couldn't bluff my way thru it! I have a very expressive face. And Roy kicks my ass plain' "BullShit"!
Poker! Roy would be good at it...he can see things I don't....he pays more attention to details that slip right by me. But he has one of those faces....I know when he has a good hand playin' Spades!!! If only they would have a Spades Tourneyment! He and I could really make a killin'!!

Be sure to vote in the next poll!!


Sherrie said...

Bingo is gambling just ask all the old babbas and guidos that threaten to throw their daubbers at me if I don't shake them balls and call their numbers! Oi....

Holy crappola where have I been that I had to read so many blogs, I don't know if I even got through them all, cause there were so many on this page to read lol.

You put your fish in a flower vase??? You didn't mention before the poor thing was in a flower vase LOL, man you crack me up lady, what does it do anyway? Swim up and down and up and down, I mean it probably can't swim around, how much room can it have in a vase hehe.

Oh and good smellin men? I'd send my Puralator guy over so you could have a good wiff, but it's SO GOOD I'd be afraid you'd never send him back :P.

Okay, I have a four day weekend off from both jobs, so I most definitely will get more blogging time in. Til then.........get the poor thing a bowl would ya!


Sherrie said...


P.S. Can't take the survey you don't offer a check box for 3 out of 4!

1 Tequilla.......2 Tequilla...... 3 Tequilla........FLOOR!

mannyed said...

Yea, I can't do poker, various people have taught me to play, but I'm just not that cunning. And Strategic. You know what's a fun sort of gambling game...

Left, right, center. So easy to play and fun to play with a group.

VENTL8R said...

Nope, can't play poker either. You can read my face like a book which is why I was always getting in trouble with lying to my mom.