Monday, May 14, 2007

Fishy, Fishy, in the Bowl....

I must be quick to catch a look!!!
And get some one else to notice that damn fish!!!!

One day, that damn fish was swimmin' upside down.....lookin' all dead....when a lady walked in and I instantly pointed to the fish, "Look at it! It is upside down!"

She was shocked at first....not by the fish but by me....I don't know her from Adam....or she me....and I am freaked out about a fish!! Then she saw the fish!
"Is it dead?"
"NO! He just does that. And I can't ever get anyone else to see it. You just walked in at the right time!"

I told Roy about it.
I told the BossMan about it.
Roy blamed me for puttin' it in a flower can't help but swim odd!
The BossMan chalked it up to it being a WalMartFish and expects it to die any day....they always do!!

And then one day, a man that came in to pick up his dog was lookin' around the office..."Hey! That fish is dead!"
The BossMan looked and sure enough, that damn fish was swimmin' belly up!! And then he took off swimmin' around all happy like!!

Score one for me!!!
Then one said something about maybe a floater was busted.


And again that would be my fault!!! I did drop him.

He is over there right now just as happy as can fresh spring water and swimmin' up right!!
Floater Smoater!!! That fish is psycho!!!


kfarm said...

You gotta get a picture of it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nadine:
Hmmmm...I can't take your latest poll, because you left mine out. I play bingo. I go at least twice a month to play. It can be very expensive if you spend the whole day there and win nothing. I'm usually pretty lucky though.
LOL...I think that little fishy is really getting to you.
I loved you "Royal Title"...I like the first one better too.

mannyed said...

I totally agree with Kfarm...a picture is a MUST!

Is it one of those Beta fish? You should put a green plant in the vase...apparently Beta's can feed off the plant.

Proto said...


Katy said...

My college roomate had a fish like that--lived at least four years. Some fish are just strange.

I agree with your boss about Walmart fish, though.

mannyed said...

LOLOLOL! That picture is priceless!!!

Deborah said...

Weird Fish. My beta Eros throws glass beads at the side of his bowl sometimes. He is a year a half old and I have been told they only live two. I can't tell you how attached I am to the thing. Yeah come to Spain with me. You are not allowed to speak Spanish at the school, only English.

cathy said...

OMG are you sure it's alive,he would fit in nicely with all my crazy animals LOL Got a new computer yesterday at work and hell if I could find all my bookmarks, had to email them from home so I could get back even to my own site smart I know. Have a great one,