Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Couple of Things....

Or maybe three....

1) A RealWorldFriend emailed me to say she saw an old classmate....who had treated her badly in school....and now that classmate was HUGE....her word, not mine....I haven't seen the classmate since our Junior Year....and the classmate was always social with me....I have known her since kindergarten....longer than my friend.....I never knew that my friend had been treated badly....I didn't tolerate that sort of thing....But anyway....
Smiles were exchanged, no conversation but my friend wanted to at least say acknowledgement that she knew her...and that is where the problem lies......The classmate ducked her head and just walked by......Did she get brushed off becuz the classmate was still an ass or did she just feel bad about herself about the excessive weight gain??
I told my friend that the next time she ran into her just to say hello. It's no big deal to say hello. If the classmate wants chat she will and you are better to have said something than nothing. Be a grown up and let petty childhood crap go.
My friend comes back with it would fake of her to ask about her life and she herself didn't want to get involved with the classmate!
Why the Fuck did she tell me in the first place?????
Did I miss something somewhere???
I don't remember tellin' her to ask the lady over for supper!!!
But she got it off her chest!!

2) A client called to ask some advice about her pet....I gave my opinion on the matter and the conversation turned into a bitch session....I get to hear all the complaints....I am not certain as to why people don't just tell the person that they have the problem with...and not tell me....but they do!
I told her that I totally understand and was equally bothered by the problem but I don't know exactly how to fix the problem....but she got it off her chest.

3) And finally, what is the best way to say, "How may I help you?" with gettin' leared at??? I was told that was a leadin' question and at his age he might just tell me!!!

But he got it off his chest!

I think I'll put a jar out on the counter for I feel like a bartender!!

And Now I have it off my chest......All Better!


Cindy said...

Dealing with the public is always risky! You never know when some insignificant thing said on your part is going to set someone off on a tangent. Just do like I do... smile and nod alot...teehee.
Oh, and I forgot to tell you...Loved the antennas!!

Katy said...

I know what you mean--today, this lady I hardly know started telling me some real personal stuff--and not really neccessary to the conversation.

Sometimes when I see people from high school I duck--usually because they were aweful to me then, and I've got no need to re-live.

MSN is being stupid. Won't let me log onto my own site. Argh.

Bri said...

It might be that the classmate can't remember her name and that is why she ducked. I can't count the number of times that has happened to me, I am horrible with names and the distance of a lot of years doesn't help!

Billie said...

Tip please! I listened to you while you got it off your chest!

Eduardo calls me a talker. I am probably one of those people who can strike up a conversation with a stranger and talk about anything. Perhaps they think I am getting it off my chest. Who knows.

It sure is nice that you listen tho. You probably really helped.