Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Break in the Tale...

I will finish the RainGods Story later......there is more!!

Our Memorial weekend was pretty damn scary!!!
SuperMoodyBitch reared her ugly head and took charge!!
She is still about but not as intense!! I think she has a problem with heat and humidity!!!
Her shins sweat!!
I have never seen anybody's shins sweat!!
My hair was adorable until she took over.....and it went straight as a poker!!!
It was awful!!
The BossMan called early Sunday to say he would take care of the animals....he did me NO favors!!! So Roy and I planned on going to see the Pirate Movie...I liked it!!
So me and SuperMoodyBitch got ready to go to town in a very damp sticky humid house.....there was yellin' and cussin'...and hair was down and then up....but always was still damp 4 hours later!!!!!
I finally had HER hair is some sort of fashion that was agreeable to both of us and didn't involve anything sharp or deadly!
Then there was the look for shoes.
Roy said, "Why aren't all your shoes on the shoe rack I bought you?"
SuperMoodyBitch said, "YOU only bought ONE rack and I have 100's of shoes!" And grabbed the broom to dig around under the bed!
He left the house for me and SuperMoodyBitch to find shoes....which we settled for a different pair than what we wanted....if SuperMoodyBitch wasn't so freakin' hot she might have kept diggin'!!

I announced, "I'm ready to go!"
Roy said, "Are you sure?"
SuperMoodyBitch, "NO!!!" and went lookin' for her earrings.

I announced, "I'm ready!"
Roy, "Are you sure?"
SuperMoodyBitch, "NO!!!" and went off to look for her glasses.

SuperMoodyBitch announced she was ready and we left!!

The drive to town was just as awful! She couldn't get enough A/C!! She yelled at traffic...oh the cussin'......I mean really......Doesn't that model car come with a turn signal or is it optional and you chose to be an asswipe......but I have to admit she kept her fingers to herself!!

Roy quietly inquired, "You are havin' a bad day, aren't you?"
SuperMoodyBitch looked at him, "What was your first clue?"
But brave man that he is, he waded in even deeper, "Is your period comin' anytime soon?"
"Now how the Hell do I know!!"
"Does it not come at the same time every month?"
That was it!!
SuperMoodyBitch had had enough!!!
She laid her trap for him.....there was gonna be a killin'!!!
"If I were normal!!! And when have you ever known me to be normal!!??"

The was a long pause.....he didn't say a word....and he didn't roll his eyes!!

SuperMoodyBitch took a deep breathe and gained her composure......that took at least a mile and half mile!!
And she said, very calmly, "Honey where do you want to eat breakfast?"

Roy replied, "Anywhere you want, Baby!"

He walked gracefully around that trap!

Sunday, we went over to feed, water and walk the critters. The first thing I noticed was the OfficeFish!!
He was at the bottom of the bowl...just like the betta was when he died!!
I got the key to open up the curio cabinet to flush him away when he started swimmin' around!!!
That Stupid Fish!!!
He had the nerve to lip SuperMoodyBitch!!!!!
But she didn't take it out on the OfficeFish....only poor Roy!!! He had to hear all that cussin' about that StupidFish.....he just grinned but he didn't dare say a word!!!

There has to be a special place in Heaven for that man.....he puts up with so much!!!


mannyed said...

*putting helmet on* man, oh manny, there should be a list of questions men can't ask when SuperMoodyBitch is around.

Proto said...

a fine pair you are.

cathy said...

Hey, I'm back I don't dare ask if SUPERMOODYBITCH missed me, but I know you did LOL. Got some pic's up so come take a look :)

Anonymous said...

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