Tuesday, June 05, 2007

And The Survey Says.....

"So are you ready to shave off the mustache?"

He opened this conversation like we had been discussin' it for days....When in fact this was the first I have heard of it!

"Yours or Mine?" I replied.

He rolled his eyes, but I continued, "It is in the fine print of the Pre-Nupt that it is never to be shaved off!"

He said, "Yours or Mine?"

The Idiot!!

Now my eyes are rollin'!!

"Yours!!! Mine, with a little pain and a lot of wax doesn't exist!"

And most who voted like mustaches!!

Who can resist one of those big ol' brushy 'staches like Sam Elliot or Tom Selleck...I groove on those....in more ways than one!

And Roy wants to shave his off???

As I sit here lookin' at his high school photo and his Marine Corps photo....that clean baby face was good then but I love his Wyatt Earp thing he has goin' on now!

Beards...Roy can have a full beard in 2 weeks and normally sports one all winter long. But he keeps it neat....his brother's...not so neat. Beards need to be trimmed and the neck needs to be shaved....and not lookin' like a fur suit! ICK!!!

Clean baby face lead over Beards....to each his or her own! I think I just like facial hair...yours not mine!!!

Again this poll idea was Mz Jeans....I do believe in givin' credit where credit is due......Thanks Chick!

Be sure to vote in the next poll!!!


Sherrie said...

Hubby has a goatee and mustache, both kept quite well trimmed. Mainly so the breathing aparatus fits when he's on a firecall. He tells me that when they pass the new safety rules, he may have to shave them both off :|.......that will never do!!!!

By the way, I like Roy's Wyatt Earp look as well ~hugs~

Susan said...

I so can't imagine my guy without his facial hair. It's so sexy. But I'm like you exactly.. That Marine photo was hot too.. But still he looks so young in it.

This post reminded me I need to have my face waxed...

Have a good one Nadine!

mannyed said...

Sometimes the Hubby will grow a goatee, but in the end I think he perfers his baby face. Me too.

ZooKeeper said...

I voted for clean shaven. But in reality I like a little five o'clock shadow. A little stubble makes em look rugged, like a cowboy. Mmmm, I love me a cowboy.

KM said...

My father in law has a moustache and that's all I could think about when I read this post. I tried to take myself back to think about Tom Selleck or something, but it didn't work--just the Hub's dad.

I can't remember my age or phone number either. . . and I'm not blonde.