Thursday, May 10, 2007

And The Survey Says.....

That I was totally in the dark!! I had no idea that there was a manpantie called boxer brief!! For 4aaahhhh......35....ish years, I have been surrounded by men that wore briefs!! So MzGina, Roy wears Tidy Whities.
When MzAngie first mentioned boxer briefs I had to go to WalMart to see what they were......and I have to admit I do like them way better than boxers.....but I don't think Roy would care for them.
I really don't get the whole boxer thing. Don't know how many times I have heard, "The Fellas need home!" Just free and danglin' doesn't cut it around here.
Which means NO COMMANDO!!
There are those people that have come to the office that are obiviously goin' commando.....maybe they think it's sexy or maybe they just don't own a pair....they are wearin' ripped jeans.....and squat and bend over a lot!! The BossMan said, "Did you see that?"
"How could I miss it!! Just beans and franks!!!"
Or you have some man...mostly teenage boys......that wears those GodAwful baggy pants and they stoop over and the MoonCrests!!
Butt Cleavage...Hello!!!

But the public picked Boxers!! 69%!! I am so not in the norm on this one!!
23% plain old brief and only 8% will go commando......I wander who goes commando???? There was only 2 that did.....which is sad that only 26 people voted...bruised ego types away........

Watch for the next Mini Poll!!
Go ahead....don't be shy!!


mannyed said...

Hmm...I'm not sure which one to pick, I like slots, and roulette, and lotto! I guess I can break it down like this:

when I'm in the casino...a little roulette, a lot of slots.

and i like participating in the office mega millions; football pools; and march madness brackets.

tragedystrikes said...

I only picked boxers because they were the closest to boxer-briefs which are way sexy and look comfy. Hanes ribbed boxer-breifs to be exact. mmmm. Ok, the mind is wandering now. Thank goodness J is coming up tomorrow.