Thursday, May 17, 2007

The 13th Year of Marriage....

Roy thinks it will be a bad one.
And he was born on Friday the 13th.
His dad too.
His parent's were married on Friday the 13th.
It has been a lucky day for his family.....and then he met me.

I jacked with his Mojo....drastically!!

And now as of May 20th, we will have been married for 13 years.....He's nervous!!

The first couple of years were good....the minglin' of his kids and mine.....workin' out the bugs.....lookin' for a house to buy.....movin' to the of havin' a baby.......learned how to back the truck without runnin' into trucks...houses.....stuff!

The following six years were somewhere between Hell and that place just short of being in Hell.....And that's all I will say about that.
It's a wonder we made it thru....a testament to how committed Roy and I are to each other.

He puts up with my shit and me...I put up with his!

The last few years have been the best.
It's just been the two of us. We come and go as we please and don't worry about what the world thinks. The rest can kiss our lily white asses! We travel, ride our motorcycles.....I drag him to all sorts of concerts and shoe shoppin'......he drags me to gun shows and hardware stores.

That is our wedding photo.....That is what happens when you get married by a photographer in Arkansas!!
He expects bad things in our 13th year of marriage.....Just Hide and Watch!!

We are headin' to Branson this weekend with some friends.....with children.....UGH!
I have developed an allergic reaction to small childern....I break out in hives!
And Roy already said that it is a no booze weekend.....UGH!!!!!
And I can't cuss...........Double UGH!!!!

I will be a nervous wreck by Saturday Night!!!!


Jeankfl said...

Why on earth would you want to go celebrate your anniversary with someone with kids?? yuk..Sounds like you're makin' Roy's prediction come true!LOL Great picture..Roy looks familiar..And no, I haven't ever been in trouble around here!!LOL Happy Anniversary, hope you all have a great weekend!

mannyed said...

HAPPY 13TH ANNIVERSARY! No way can it be unlucky for you! You have each other and you both will see what ever the 13th year brings you through. I hope you have a great, great weekend! And don't worry I'm sure you can find a little time to sneak away from the young uns for some booze and cussing!

Sheesh, why don't you guys come to NY ever, lol!

Proto said...

Thirteen is only a bad number if you are a templar knight, since they were murdered on Friday the thirteenth. He's not a knight, is he? Keep it special!

Dawn said...

I love the picture...and Happy Anniversary.....(even if you do have to spend it with someone else's children...big ugh)....

Beth said...

and you are spending it with Kids !!! Maybe it wil make you realize how good you have it in the peace and quiet!!!
despite the kids and no drinking and cussing i hope you have a blast !!

cathy said...

Happy 13th, June will be 14years Gary said 13 sucked I didn't think it was any different then the rest LMAO
No booze :( kids :( try and make the best of it!!!!!
P.S. I called her she's a mess and doesn't want to talk right now in a depression, :(

Sherrie said...

Love the picture, I have a similar one of the hubby and I, I'll hunt it out one day and post it :-), however it was taken over 20 years ago.......ugh.......I'm gettin old ain't I?

Happy Anniversary to you and your Roy.......I hear if you use one of those travel mugs you can sneak all kinds of beverages into them and as long as you don't breath on anybody they'll never know! Can ya cuss in a foreign language? That might work ~wink~

Beth said...

i couldnt find the option to comment under your last post not sure what happened, hope you had a great weekend. i can tell from your post you are ready for the summer fun !!

Billie said...

I love your picture. It is unique and not your traditional wedding picture. I have never managed to make it to 13 years but that is an accomplishment in and of itself isn't it? So how bad can it be?