Saturday, April 28, 2007


What a busy week! I have barely had time to goof off and comment on the comments!!

Let's see.....Shoes:
Yes, MrHandyMan, women are crazy! We love shoes and purses. You should take notes....and score big for birthdays and Christmas!! If you feel good with your manhood, then you will have no problem buyin' purses.....just know which one she wants and go buy it!!

Haven't you ever been shoppin' with your wife and she sees that perfect pair or the cutest purse ever???

Does she not gasp with glee and run directly over to her next new pair of shoes and clutch them to her chest??

Kick off her shoe and gently ease her foot in one and rush to the nearest mirror???

Or quickly grab up that purse and throw it over her shoulder and look for a mirror to see if looks good as she carries it????

Roy's used to it by now.....he does the same thing in the tool department at Sears!
I never knew that a man felt that way about a wrench?!?!
"Shit! Buy the damn thing and let's go!"

And KansasGirl turned me on to John Fluevog Shoes.......O! M! G!
Those are THE cutest Shoes!!!! QueenBeth, MzKim, MzKaty, and MzThystle, Go Check them out!!!
I could so see myself wearin' Lucille! The Peacock blue ones!!

And I have to agree with MzKaty....once you wear heels...flats just don't cut it!

Shavin' the dog:
I have never understood that either.
If you want a short haired a dachshund!
Not a shihtzu!!
I shear more shihtzus than I care to count! More than schnauzers.
For the most part, Shearin' down the lab has to do with sheddin'. They feel that if it's sheared then they won't shed.


I don't get it either. You still have dog hair in your's just smaller!
If you feed good food and have a healthy animal they should not shed as much.
But's a dog....they shed! It is a part of life!!
And too, there is an additive for the food that helps a great deal....ask your Veterinarian!

I hate when I drink too much tequila....I wake up and my cat's shaved!!!

By the way, that's not my cat!!

I learned a new term....Scrubbin' the make lazy "S's" to keep your tires warm!!!
Duh!! I didn't know that! Thank you MzVentl8r.

And where is MzGina???? I haven't heard from her all week long!!!
Off on an erotic vacation, no doubt!

So I am off to catch up....Later Gator!


MizAngie said...

Hey! In response to the comment you left at my're dumb like a FOX!! Hahahha. Don't you hate it when people think dumb comes with the drawl? I saw a girl at the baseball game today with some realllllly high wedges on - brown ones - with cute brown plaid shorts and a beige top. I thought to myself, "Nadine would love those shoes!"

Sherrie said...

Just so you know, I left comments at the previous four entries as well. I'm not sure what rock I've been hiding under, but mannnnn I need to check here everyday so I don't miss anything!

Glad the party went well, sorry to hear about the tears, but I'm sure they were mostly tears of joy, as she likely had a wonderful time.


jeankfl said...

I used to love shoes...but then I was a nurse for 30 feet and legs no longer love high heels!! If it ain't comfortable, it ain't goin' here!! I would crip along with the best of 'em.. but just can't cut it anymore...oh, well.. I'll just have to watch you shop for me!!LOL

mannyed said...

I'm back, I'm back! I was in Florida, not that erotic or exotic, lol. Miss me?