Friday, April 06, 2007

Time to Make the Donuts.....

Yes, it's Good Friday.
Yes, I'm workin' much as I want to....I did run the vaccum and pack some surgery instruments....and I did answer a phone yes, I am workin'!!!
Yes, it did snow!!! I have film footage of snow in April!!! ON MY WYSTERIA!!!!!!!
Yes, I am being dragged kickin' and screamin' to OKC for Easter Sunday....well okay, doesn't make it any better.
I don't see why Roy gets outta goin' to my PEOPLE and I HAVE to go to HIS PEOPLE's....double standards are at work on this one.
And.....AND......I have to bring a dessert!!!!
Have they forgotten the Pecan Soup at Thanksgiving???????
Do you think they would be upset if they had a box full of donuts from WalMart???
Roy turned his nose up at the rabbit shaped cakes.....which I think are so cute!
And he wasn't thrilled by my idea of bucket of green stuff.....I think it's some sort of pistachio crap.
He may just have to take what he gets!!! He is the one that said, "Should we bring anything?"

Roy Hightower Wash Your Mouth out with Soap!!!!

Do they make designer donuts???? That is what I am leaning towards!!!


mannyed said...

Ok, have nooo fear, Gina the baker is here...

make a pie...don't flip can make a really, super, easy, even you can do pie, by buying an already pre made pie crust, and instant jello pudding mix. Interested? email me and I'll point you in the right direction.

Happy Easter, buddy!

Beth said...

Hi there Nadine !!! I say buy the cake, they are cute !!!

Jeankfl said...

I'm with Beth..Wally World makes great desserts!
Did it snow here this morning? I missed it! Oh, well..Have a Happy Easter!

-ksgrrl said...

Oooo! I LOVE the bunny cakes. And if the pudding pie doesn't work out (which I can't imagine that it won't since pudding pies are so wonderful), I have an easy ice cream thingie dessert recipe I can send your way.

DavidShag said...

Hey - bring a half gallon of booze and no one will notice.

Dawn said...

hee hee...happy Easter Nadine...

Sherrie said...

We had pumpkin pie!!!! I loveeee the pumpkin pie, especially when I don't have to make it hehe.