Monday, April 23, 2007


Last Thursday, Mrs BullMoose told me that she wants to have a birthday party....her 83rd....a surprise party.....and she gave me the guest list....and she is paying for it.....she feels that it will be her last birthday....okay?!?

It'll be this Thursday!
It's short notice and I hope the ladies come thru for her. I have ordered a centerpiece for her.....she will love it!
At least that will be a surprise.

How about an "Oh Lord!" surprise? Mrs BullMoose was ill in November and pretty much most of December...she lost weight...15 pounds.
The other day as we were drivin' thru a sunny neighborhood to avoid traffic....I just have to deal with kids on bikes and dogs....she starts to panic. At what I don't know....but she lifts up her shirt and feels all around her stomach and up under her bra. She says, "Holy O'Shit, I thought they fell out!"
Apparently, she thought her boobs had slipped out the bottom of her bra now that it is too big!!
I sure wish I had tinted windows!!!

No surprise for me......I have loads of grooms to be done....Oh Great Freakin' Joy!!!
Why do people want the Labordor Shaved??? And then say, "I don't want it to look funny."
You freak!!!
You just asked me to shave your dog....of course its gonna look funny!!!
I have several people laugh when they picked up the dog. They had no idea that it would look like that.....what did you think it would look like???
Not something that trots out at Westminster!!!
And a couple of little old ladies that started cryin'!!!
Oh I hate that!!! Mrs BlueHair owns a pekingese. It is the cutest Peke ever....she has a thick long coat and she is so sweet....both the dog and Mrs BlueHair. Mrs BlueHair thought that the dog was too hot and she asked me to shave her down.
I said "NO WAY!! I will not be the one that makes you cry." And gave her a number of someone that would do it for her. Some people have no qualms about makin' old ladies cry!
After that first cuttin', that first shock, and that first good cry......I was more than happy to continue to do it.

Wait......The shaved lab is callin'..........he had 1/2 gallon of water 3 hours ago and wanted out to where are we.....

The fencin' project is going very well. I haven't done one thing to help!! I don't get yelled at that way and I don't get cut up by the fencein'. Roy has little cuts all over his arms.
I did take pix if you are interested. I haven't looked at them yet...and that cable thingy to upload them is at no photos today.
FYI, we are puttin' up our fence....not fixin' the other man's. Too much of a hassle. Roy was told by one of the neighbor's that the HighwayPatrol talked to the owner becuz the cows were out on the highway....a quarter mile away.....that some mosey'n!!
WE are gonna get blamed for that I'm sure! I wonder if that was the day we had broken glass all over the driveway???


kfarm said...

I would never shave Sheba. Who the heck shaves a lab.

Sherrie said...

Ok........I want a dog......and I don't even care if you shave it and make me cry!

Oh I bet they did blame you for the highway patrol visit, some people just don't get it lol.

My kitchen is painted :-D and I didn't lift a finger! Are ya proud of me hehe?


Beth said...

I say if the dog is too hot take him in the AC for awhile !!!!
get busy on that party girl time is running out !!!

Beth said...

PPA has the Royal croup !!! the nasty stuff i had maybe so i dont think she will be out of bed anytime soon !!

Kendra said...

once, I gave my rottie a hair cut and he's still mad at me.

Deborah said...

Shaving a peke? A lab? Are your customers nuts? And didn't we vote on the shoe thing already, my feet are killing me and I already wear Archipellagoes! At work the girls talk about dogs all day, and they are trying to convince me that I should get a shitzhu-toy poodle mix. Mmm, I think I would want a papillon.
Blessed be