Tuesday, April 24, 2007

She's Wearin' Those Shoes.....

Eagles tune...from the '80. I have it ingrained in my soul!!

A very close survey this time out....56% to 44% that most go for style!! Pass out the lotion and share the band aids!!! Sista Girls we'll need them!!

I go for style every time!! Damn the pain! It is mind over matter.

Recently at the VIP Grand Opening of a new casino, I was told that I had a shoe fetish.
DUH!! Ya Think??
These are my Steve Madden.....1 of 4 pairs I own.... I love Steve Madden.......KickAss Concert shoes......indoor concerts only.....and Casino openings. I wear my Harley boots to outdoor concerts...too many drunks steppin' all over me!

These are the cutest shoes ever!!! You can own a pair too....Vicky's Secret has them in the Shoe catalog.....page 33!
Yes! They have a shoe catalog. I got these for $20 cheaper than the listed price...at Branson!! And that purse....at must!!!!
At The Icing!!!!
But beware.....they have a flaw!!
Blisters from the first time I wore them!
Roy said "Take them back!"


Have you lost your mind???? Somes day I wonder who he thinks he's married to.....Take them back??

No Frickin' Way!!
BandAid has a new product for preventing blister.....I'll let you how it works!!

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I really like this poll thing!


kfarm said...

Oh man I love those shoes. I gotta have them blisters and all. BTW I ahve a pair of sandals that have a woven wedge (4 inches) and the top is sliver with a turqouise buckle. Totally kick ass. They kill my feet.

Princess said...

Hey sweet cheeks...i'm alive....i was hiding things have been a little more crazy lately than i felt like staying awake for....he!! not that i have slept lol....thanks for coming by it really means a lot to me "mwah" ok i am going to chill hugs ~PPA~

Beth said...

I love the shoes, Kaley and i both have a shoe fetish and then find ourselves barefoot most of the time go figure !!!

Kendra said...

Those Steve Madden's must make you like 5'5"!

They are really cute, I have a similar pair, but red.

Spill the goods about the bandaid blister thingies, I WANT THEM!

MizAngie said...

The shoes are cute but I stopped wearing cute about 12 years ago and went with comfort. Now I can't get cute back on my feet without lots of pain! Ha. When I began working in the gym instead of the admin bldg everyone there wore workout clothes or warmups with athletic shoes. I quickly chunked my prissy skirts & heels and went with jeans, windsuits, and tenny-shoes. It's awesome!!!

MizAngie said...

P.S. I like boxer-briefs on men - you didn't have my option on the poll. Commando is sexy on a young man but the thought of an old guy's racing stripes on the inside of his regular clothes is a huge turnoff. Ha!!

Katy said...

I LOVE Steve Madden too! They make the cutest shoes. And you know what? If you wear high heels long enough, flats don't feel that great any more.

-ksgrrl said...

Great shoes! I'm a big BIG fan of wedges, especially espidrills that look all 1920s fabulous. And Madden? Cripes. I love his style. Unfortunately for me and my druthers, most of his shoes are leather which knocks him out of the running for most shoes bought ever.

Oh! And have you ever seen Fluevogs?


Also mostly leather, but man I love them.

Sherrie said...

Okay will you pleaseeeeeeeee find a way to let me know when you're updated, LOL I mean........where the heck have I been that I had to read back four blog entries just to catch up!? Hey.....those are cute little shoes, I tested my feet with a very sweet little pair of sandals that I bought on a whim, and GUESS WHAT!? I made out ok with very little discomfort, there's hope for my old puppies afterall!

P.S. How would I get a Victoria Secret catalogue? I've always wanted one.

mannyed said...

I've been away all week so I have lots to catch up on here but I had to comment on my undieing love of steve madden shoes. wanna see my latest pair?