Saturday, April 21, 2007


A formal ball held for school class toward the end of the academic year.
Geez! I thought it was an excuse to be out all night on a kegger....learn something new every day!!

In 1980 we listened to Foreigner, Journey, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, and Boston off 8tracks stereo system. It was totally bitchin! We feathered our hair with wide tooth combs. We wore Gloria Vanderbilt jeans that were way too tight and way too long so we rolled them up.
I was a freshman and my beau was a senior. He was hot. Some one commented that he looked one of the Sweathogs! As looked back at the photos I have of him from those days, it made me giggle. I had forgotten that he liked to go around shirtless becuz that made him look tougher. What a thug!! Stocky well built thing he was.
He asked me to his prom and I picked out a blue dress from KMart. His mother made sure he something on him that was blue...his corsage! He was damn certain that he was going to be in black as that is the toughest thing a drug dealin' thug would wear!
We went with another couple....I HATED THE OTHER GIRL! And I didn't take crap from her....that cow! I don't know what happened to her becuz I don't remember her at the party but I KNOW her date was there. The Boss didn't go anywhere with out his Lieutenant!!
Our dinner was a Happy Meal in his mother's big time! The Shindig was being held at the Mayo Hotel in Tulsa. Very swank!
We were there maybe an hour and then it was off to some abandon house on the river bottom for a kegger....The one and only I have ever been to....seriously!
I dated the local drug dealer but never used drugs or smoked pot...ever. He kept that away from me. I can count on one hand the number of times I was drunk in high school......they were memorable...And as I sit here thinkin' about it.....the number was 3! One Prom, One Christmas dance and one rodeo.....That Cherry vodka and 7Up was just delicious goin' down but the next mornin' comin' back granny thought the worst. She had never dealt with a hangover but pregnant women....YES! I am not sure which I would rather she think.....I told her maybe just bad milk! However, I did learn how to hotwire cars.....not sure I could do it of those things...use it or lose it!
But none the less Prom night sex was a must and I stole some 8 tracks and not very well....I gave them back on Monday morning when they asked for them. I had put them up under my shirt.......5 of them.....8 tracks are bulky. My 95lb frame in a wifebeater just didn't hide them!

As life would have it, I dropped kicked him thru the goal post of life...something about a wild coke party, a girl, and a tattoo....that freakin' idiot tattoo's his name on his wrist!! What kind of idiot tattoos his own name on himself?????

I went from "Life in the Fast Lane" to "Jack and Diane".
Remember Bobby Brooks were the rage!!
My junior prom was way different. I was in charge of what colors we were to wear. I chose peach.
My mother made my dress. The skirt was something off the plantation! There was yards and yards of material. Being that my mother was the seamstress, she didn't get it finished so I had pins at the collar....and I think she thought I couldn't get it off if I was pinned in.....where there is a will there is a way!!
And HornyTeenagers find a way!!
He and I dated for 9 months....we were clothed a total of 3 months! The rest of the time we were nekked.
My date was again a senior but riding on my ticket becuz he had dropped out....the freakin' idiot!!
As I look back his photos I have nothing good to say about him....I'm not sure why I thought so highly of him!! I know why I's not thrilled by him NOW!!
Look at him!! He has a full beard!!!
He looks like he is 5 years older than me.....his hair started to turn grey when he was 22!!! And I had nothing to do with it!!!!
As that was the night that Edith Anne was conceived THAT is my first husband!!
Lazy Bastard!!
I don't remember where we ate or where prom was, I guess becuz it was such a life altering night that I blanked most of it out!
That DickHead!!!

deep breath.....let it out slowly......oooohhhhmmmm.........

And that is a walk down Memory Lane with me. Thanks for sharin' with me....I look forward to more pix! Word thru the Grapevine is Senior pictures are next.

There's no Prom in Canada???? Ugh!!! I hope that you had a dressy graduation!!


Sherrie said...

Love the pictures!!! I still haven't looked for mine, that could be because 1) I'm too lazy or 2) I'd rather forget that time lol, either way I will eventually you can count on it!
P.S. Did you type this naked? Just wondering LOL.


kfarm said...

No prom pictures from me. I didn't go. I dropped out my junior year. My second go around as a junior at that. My high school years sucked for the most part. I have tried to block most everything out for the teens through the 20's. Life for me began at 30. I have though really enjoyed watching my children attend prom and do the typical high school things. I am glad they are normal. Well sorta normal.

MizAngie said...

I went stag to the junior prom because I didn't have a date, but had so much fun I declined a date my senior year and went stag again! I think I danced with everyone else's dates. The after-parties were awesome. Nuttin' like a good pasture party!

I had a hankering for cherry vodka & 7Up about two months ago. Went and bought it and was so disappointed that it wasn't as good as I remembered. What the hell? My taste buds changed so now I like collard greens but DON'T like cherry vodka? That's messed up!!

Dawn said...

We had formals here (same thing as prom)....
I loved the pics...makes me think I'll need to take a look at mine and then maybe post them....

Proto said...

Ancient History.
Learn from it,
or else we repeat it...

Beth said...

I love the pics, and the story......great way to start off a monday !!!!!!!
i bet you laughed when you pulled those photos out !!!

Beth said...

If Superbowl Sunday isnt a National holiday on the books it should be and we whould all have monday off to recover !!!!

partyprincess said...

Hey nice pic's, I went to my JR Prom only what a trip that was HOT ITALIAN nothing lol, oh that brings back memories, well now that things are finally over I can get back to blogging, I decided after Friday nite Celebration of Life party that's what I want everyone had a good time, from my 20 year old to the 89 year olds, I got left on the dace floor can you believ that the old man said to me you can waltz I don't want to dance with you LMAO and he walked away what a rush to the bar I made, ha-ha anyway have a great day.
You only got drunk 3x wow,