Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pre-Nuptials and Fencing...

Whooooah, we're half way there.
Livin on a prayer.
Take my hand and we'll make it - I swear!
Livin on a prayer.

Bon Jovi just clinched it for me.

Many years ago, Roy announced his intentions......I was less than thrilled. He was just for fun...Shiggles and Git Fun....NO STRINGS.....BUT NOOOooooo! He wanted more.
He said he would sign a prenuptial.
Neither one of us had anything worth a prenupt. But I presented him with one.
Amongst all the legal mumbo jumbo, it plainly stated, "That you will love me forever and buy me a bathtub with feet."
So far so good.....I have two claw-footed cast iron bath tubs. One is in the house and one is outside....it was once on the back porch for midnight bathin'.
Over the years, unbeknown to me there was FINE print on the Prenupt that has popped up to bite me in the ass!
I never saw that part about my participation in manual labor!!!!
I don't do manual labor!!
I am not built for it!! Under no circumstances am I to be abused....and I know that manual labor is clearly an abuse!!!

A few weeks back we were doing some work for an elderly couple that had some ice damage from that storm in February....cuttin' down broken trees, stackin' brush and burnin' the pile. That Man worked me like a rented mule!!
I was pooped out by the end of the day!
I stopped to rest and laid out on the ground by the fire. It felt good...until I opened my eyes and noticed that there were 3 turkey buzzards circlin' me!!!! Maybe wonderin' if they wanted to rolled me into the fire for some smoked human or just eat me raw!!!!

So now that we have this problem with the cows from the stupid neighbor we have got to do something about a fence....that Bastard doesn't have one!!! Roy has thought long and hard about it. Electric fencing isn't bad idea but he doesn't think that will stop them.
And we don't have the best luck with electric fence box thingies....we had a fence around my car when first got it to keep the cats off of it. The lightening took out 3 boxes!!! And one the cats thought it was just a cool way to scratch her back and would walk right under the wire and rock and roll her back around!! Like "oooo that's the spot". After that insult upon our human intelligence we took the fence around the car down.
Seriously, the one thing that was pissed off by the electric fence was me!!! It didn't matter where I touched, I was the one that was shocked!!! And I didn't think it was so cool!

It looks like this weekend that super fince clause in the prenupt is gonna bite my ass again....and I will have to "HELP" him do something...OUTDOORS!!

We've got to hold on ready or not.
You live for the fight....when its all that you've got!

Live for the fight??? You better believe it!

Take my hand and we'll make it - I swear......Whoooooah......Livin on a prayer!


cathy said...

I'm alive, love Bon Jovi saw him 3x already. Prenupt damn I knew I forgot something when i said "I do" lol I'm hanging in there been at mom-in-laws so much lately might as well just move in (never) but it feels that way, Well I'll get some reprive this weekend her daughter and son-in-law are coming in Thrus nite from Michigan. Ok have a great day/week and I'll TTYL

Beth said...

Hi Nadine, cows huh, don't know what to tell you , haven't had any problem with that before !!! No prenupt here either, i just refuse to do anything that royalty shouldn't be doing LOL. i could be gone from this world tomorrow so i want to make sure that my last day here was fun !!! No funeral either, just a big downhome bbq for all to have fun !!!!!!!!!!

kfarm said...

Your right electric fencing will do no good. Cows are stupid. I was raised on a farm. I am taking a break from cleaning to do a little blog walking. I don't think I will make it to the gym today. I will probably just do the 2 mile walk with the dog after dinner.

It isn't warm enough here for strappy sandals either. But by God I am willing it to be by draggin them out. It took me forever to put them away because I had to try every pair on. I love my shoe collection. Some people collect coins, stamps, dolls. Me, shoes.

mannyed said...

Are you allowed to amend the prenup like how you can amend a will? Hehe!

Princess said...

Thank you for the looonnnggg b-day wish hehe i love bon jovi plus he is nice to look at well so is richie. I am a bit bummed today only time it really bothers me to be single during special days...but i will survive car boy should be coming by after work for a few as he has to meet his parents & kids for dinner....well i am sneaking out of work early may go to the mall & buy me something to cheer me up ...should work huh lol hugs ~PPA~

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl: How ya doing?? I love those claw-foot bathtubs...my brother has one in his place and he has the old-fashioned type shower where the curtain wraps around you in a circle. We had a claw-foot when I was growing up and it was so big that we could actually dog-paddle back and forth....lol.
Please don't hurt the cows...Magick loves the cows...lol.

MizAngie said...

So what's the penalty if you break the pre-nup at this point? Hell, you have your bathtubs! If nothing else, throw out the "cramps" card until he's finished with the fence...

Sherrie said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I've always wanted one of those tubs!! I picture myself all sexy lookin' and stuff lounging in one of them! I'm sure that's all it would take to make me look sexy again LOL!

Fence building???? Isn't that like shovelling snow and mowing the lawn? I no do that sort of thing hehe.

P.S. Magick really does love cows......she has a cow this and a cow that and a ......well you get my drift!

Have an awesome day ~hugs~

-ksgrrl said...

This is Dave's favorite song to sing at kareoke.