Thursday, April 05, 2007

Oh Great! What Now?

Who needs a smoke detector??
I have the best pre-fire system ever.....cats!!
We heat this heap with wood only.............Which means I have to tend it when Roy isn't home........which means there are small accidents...........well, all right, sometimes large ones but DON'T TELL ROY!!!!
The less he knows, the better!!

And here it is April and they are threatenin' us with freezin' temperature and Oklahoma!!!!

But anyway..... I am doing my normal thing around here, surfing the web and a little laundry when I smell this odd funky odor. While looking around trying to figure what it is, I notice the cats sitting in a circle around a black spot on the carpet.
They were havin' a CatConference!!
All of them looking at it inquisitively, like saying "WHAT has SHE done NOW?"
"Which one of us is going to tell her?"
"You tell her!"
"She hates this carpet maybe we shouldn't."
"Are you kiddin'?? You know how easy SHE FREAKS!"
"See!!!! here she comes!!!"
Apparently, a coal fell out of the woodstove and rolled onto that lovely gold carpet and was slowing burning a hole!

If I only had my camera ready when I see them do these sort of things!!!

They are better than can neuter them and they don't talk back.
You can leave them for the weekend and there are no wild parties.

Though, we do have Cat NASCAR, Cat Rodeo and my favorite the WWC...tag team action and all!!

My best cat "tail".......
One morning, Roy was up first, which is rare, and he left the door open to the bedroom because he wanted them to wake me up. I was partially awake and heard them coming. Scooter jumped up on the bed and was looking at me....... "Which one of us is going to wake her up?"
Monster is on the floor, peeking around the door looking at me like a deer caught in the headlights.........
"Not me! I ain't gonna do it! No Way!!"
George jumps up on the bed.........."I'll do it!!"
He walks up purring all the way, gently massaging my back and shoulders while nuzzling my neck.
He is so sweet!!
His nose is sniffing across my face and into my hair.............with a huge mouthful of hair he gives a quick jerk!!!
I AM UP!!!!
Talk about a rude awakening!!


Proto said...

I'm up!
I'm up!

Deborah said...

Nadine, I am smiling ear to ear after reading about the bunny raping the kitty, and your thoughts about boobs! This was some of your best stuff! I'm sorry I won't be passing through OK any time soon because I'm sure we would have a few laughs together.
Blessed be