Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nadine's CatHouse....

There is a house in Oklahoma....they call Nadine's Cathouse.
It's been the ruin of many of Roy's nerves.....and God knows mine too......

Think The Animals....House of the Risin' Sun......With a lot of cat hair....just to set the mood.

I have 6 cats....in the house....Roy's not thrilled about that. He has tried to put his foot down but when I put mine down and pout, I win.
We don't have a normal cat box....one of those small ones just won't cut it. We use RubberMaid Storage tubs. We have had several.....as I add a cat we get a bigger one.

Last year when I bottle-fed the kittens.......that never left.......we had to rethink the catbox thing. They were so little that they had to have help to the CatRoom.....which is the utility room....Roy's trophy room....his deer antlers are hangin' out there.....and his tools are out there....with my washer and dryer....and the deep freezers.
Anyway.....we had to add bricks as steps......there is a step down......to help the babies get in the room and into the box and then back out.
That didn't work so well......they could get in the room but not to the box.....and would poop on the outside.....the big cats kick the litter everywhere.....litter's on the floor....like the whole room was THE LITTERBOX!

Have patience, WE WILL GET THERE....We just have to go around RobinHood's Barn......

So we got a shorter box....Which didn't work either!!!!!!!!!

I caught George peein' on the Washer!!!
Oh, he was in the box and thought he was doing right, but was backed up to the washer just hosin' it down!!!!!

I stormed out to where Roy was......Mowing.....It's that time of year. He always mows when the grass grows.....He could tell right off that I was not happy!!!!

His smile melted......like "Oh Shit! What did I do now?"

"Where is the Big LitterBoxes?? George just peed on the washer!!!"

This is the replacement box:

The Inspectors have got to okay it or they will not use it. They're a tough crowd! George and Scooter....Scooter is the siamesey one.

Then the other day I caught a rare event.........He is very shy.....This is Monster!Have you ever seen a cat standin' to pee????


Kendra said...

well, he is a boy, Mom. Gosh.

Once, this girl I knew, had a closet for a cat box. She just poured the litter on the floor. And when she moved, it was like two feet deep.

Regarding sunburned nipples, been there done that. I couldn't hardly wear a shirt, let alone a bra. Thank godness I was still young and perky at the time, I can't imagine the carpet burn the poor girls would get now if I ran about with out the boudler holders.

I miss you! I am buying a new computer next month and then I can come over to play more often!

jeankfl said...

I have three, so I know what you're talking about! I swear by my Littermaid!! scoops it for me automatically! The best thing ever invented... Hey, do you know of anyone in the area that does kitty grooming?? Like summer cuts and baths?

mannyed said...

That is priceless!

Manny makes such a mess with all the litter kicking thats always going on. I can only imagine what it would like with six!

Sherrie said...

Hehehe.........too cute. I was thinking of getting one of those fancy ones, that scrape the soil littered away or sift it or whatever it does, and I think it's covered as well, what do you think of those ones?