Thursday, April 19, 2007

Memory Lane....

It is so cool to drag out the old photos and remember the past.
To laugh at yourself for wearing odd clothes...from hats to belt buckles...trying to find yourself.
To remember that hair style that was know the one...the wings....I had it down pat and so did most of the boys!!
Seeing old friends and wondering what they look like now and how their life turned out.
To remember those that have past away....I love to look at the old photos of my dad. To jog the memory to remember his voice at what he was saying just before the camera captured that moment forever.
Recently, a blog buddy started an email that was reminiscing about prom. A group of us told of tales of prom night and traded photos.....I promised not to show them.
It is fun to share in others memories.

So your assignment for the weekend or do it today....Tell me your Prom adventures! Be sure to add your prom email address is in the profile.

I will not laugh at you......I will be laughing with you.


Katy said...

Junior prom I was dumped by my boyfriend because I didn't want to go to a party that had alcohol, and he did.

I thought I was going to marry that guy.

I think I did better, though. . . doesn't get any better than the Hub.

I have no idea if I have a picture, but I'll try to find one.

mannyed said...

ur on! be on the look out!

Anonymous said...

Was your prom date one of the sweathogs?


you look so innocent

guess who?

Proto said...

Never went.
The End.

Kendra said...

I never went to prom! BOO HOO. I graduated at the end of junior year, the ONE YEAR that there was no junior prom and my stupid boyfriends stupid school had a "students only" prom policy so no outside dates were allowed.

Sherrie said...

I went to graduation (that's what us Canadians call it), but no such luck getting a picture, the boyfriend and I were fighting..........AGAIN!!!!!!!! Meh glad I clued into what a creep he was finally :-) Not sure if I have a Grade 12 picture laying around somewhere collecting dust, but if I can find one I'll be sure to email it to you.

Hehehe @ thought about me's hoping you and the Roy Toy have a great time tonight!

Diane said...

Hi Nadine: Sorry....can't join in on this one. We don't have proms in Canada. Sounds like a neat idea though.

Jeankfl said...

Never went to mine..too cool! I don't remember what we did, instead! Probably trolled Peoria or something!(Tulsa) Or I was at the lake with lots of people! That's the most likely!lol