Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ladies, Put Your Guns Down!!!

MzKaty has a point! So uncock your guns!!
Besides she's a walkin' incubator!!!
You can string up my mother in-law but don't mess with MzKaty!!!

Once we took the girls to Galveston by way of the Cabin in East Texas. It makes for a long drive but is very scenic. If I remember correctly Roy's parents were having some sort of shindig anyway. Some where outside of Tyler, Texas Edith Anne said, "I thought Texas was a whole other country? It looks the same to me!" She had bought into those tourist ads!

Think about it!

How many times have you been disappointed by tourist ads??

When Roy and I saddled up and headed to Sturgis, I expected field after field of sunflowers across the state of Kansas.....I didn't see them until in South Dakota!
I expected feed lot after feed lot in Nebraska along with cornfields....not so much. Maybe along the Interstates, there isn't so much. One really cool spot...I can't think of the name.....Gateway to the West? spans across the Interstate....You just want to stop and take pix of the thing, but there are signs about not stoppin' on the shoulder!!!
One of many signs that the PhotoPolice put up to ruin my trip to Sturgis!
I haven't gotten over my Mad-On yet!
There is Mt Rushmore!! What would be more cool than to have that in background of pix of your motorcycle...but NO!!!!
"You can't park there!" said the Nasty PhotoPolice!
I wasn't! I was dismountin' off of Roy's bike! Damn PhotoPolice!!!!
It would have been beautiful!!!
Later, about 4 months later, the Discovery Channel had a story about bikers at Sturgis. I nearly blew a gasket!!!
Becuz right there!!!
Where I wanted my pix!!!!!
Was a group of bikers!!!!
Parked and Posed!!!!!
Doing a promo for the DC in exact same spot!!!!!!
And not just one promo but two!!!!!!!!!
Where was the Damn PhotoPolice then?????? I was so mad!!
I'm still so mad I could spit nails!!

Deep Breath....Let it out......oooooohhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm.......

Iowa didn't let me down! Fields of corn everywhere! On some back road, between Storm Lake and Carroll, the grasshoppers where migratin' from one field on the left side of the road to the right.....If you have ever been hit by a 3 inch grasshopper at 60 don't forget it!
I was hit by several! In the windshield, in the helmet, on the knuckles, all up and down my left leg but the one that hurt the most was the one that hit smack dab on the knee!!

And as I travel around this state I see things that is put up for Tourist to see and think, "I haven't done that! And why would anyone want to do that?"
But whatever.... I should open my own branch of tourism....give people the real scoop!
MzGina commented once about it being flat here.....Damn Straight! WE have mountains, Arbuckle, and I am not sure what constitutes a mountain....but they aren't the Rockies! Very tall hills if anything!
Once I received an email from MzGina about that odd smell in New Yor...get it New Yor.....nevermind....inside joke......and she described all these old buildings that I have heard of and have seen in movies but she passes by them daily.....I think that is just too cool! In a past life I must have been an architect, old buildings fascinate me!

I'm ramblin' now......and I have to do some work to justify my being here!
Have a great day!


Proto said...

So, it's not where you go, it's who you're with.

mzgina said...

HAHA, so true, those tourist ads make New Jersey look like paradise. I love when summer rolls around and all the tourist ads pop up with some mayor or governor urging you to come on over, plus they always end with some fancy slogan. If I had to make an add for New York, the slogan would be
"Only in New Yor!"

Diane said...

I used to love going on long car rides and seeing new sights. Not anymore...makes my back hurt if I sit in the car too long..sigh.

Sherrie said...

My bro in law and sis in law took that trip to Sturgis, won't forget it, they loved every minute, I'd say they best have, that's one heck of a long trip from Alberta, Canada!

-ksgrrl said...

When I was in high school, we use to go to Lawrence KS to hide (picknic, make out, etc) in the sunflower field. Huge sprawling field of sunflowers taller than me.

but they cut the field down to grow more buildings. bastards.