Friday, April 27, 2007

Joy and Agony.....

The Surprise Birthday party went off without a hitch!
All but one lady came. MrsBullMoose chattered away like a schoolgirl. She loved all her gifts. The yellow roses were beautiful!!
And then the bill came!!
She was quite thrown by her know she wanted to pay for the whole thing.....her bill for 5 meals came to $15!
I told her just go with it, "It's your birthday, enjoy it."
But when we got out to the car, she was dead serious, and near tears........oh God I hate that!! "Tell me, who paid?"
I couldn't lie to her.....I am not made that way! Little fibs here and there but tears.....ugh!!
Can't a person do something good without owning up to it.....Geez!
That is the suprise!! Right???

Roy played hooky build fence.....and not by himself!!
"You look bored so I thought I would help you out."
I was not bored....I was updatin' my blog....he still doesn't get it!
More to the point he was bored.....or lonely....buildin' a barbed wire fence is obiviously as lonely as being the MayTagRepairMan!
"Besides that you need to be useful and feel wanted."
I was yelled at over and over!! I was blamed for things that I didn't do and have NO Freakin' Clue as to how it happened!!! We were unrolling a roll of barbed wire...which was very freakin' heavy....up hill....that was steep! "Stand up!" he kept yelling!! I had enough!!
"I am standin' up, I'm 4'fuckin' 11"! I'm carryin this fuckin' heavy wire that hurts up a fuckin' hill! This is all I've got!! Deal with it!!!"
The only good thing that came out of it is I never under any circumstances to I ever have to drive that piece of shit truck of his.....again!!!! He has always told me to slip the clutch....which I was parked on a freakin' hill!! His last words to me before I went down to get it was, "Don't roll into the fence!" I didn't I slipped the clutch and made all kinds of noise to get it up the hill.....And then once I got it up where we wanted it...that son of bitch wanted to roll backwards...there is no emergency brake....I have a great tale about that but another day.
So by time it was all said and done, he had to get that piece of shit truck to get it to stay parked and the decree was made!
"You slip the clutch on the motorcycle!! Not the truck!!!"
I never have to drive that truck again...I'm by God, holdin' him to it!
Feel Wanted????
I actually walked out of the house to help him for this abuse!!!
I finally said to him,"The other night when we had great sex, I felt useful and wanted. When I made you a fabulous meal, I felt useful and wanted. But this. This, Is just you wanting to be an Ass!"
He just grinned!

Mission Accomplished!!
He felt useful and wanted!


dave said...

Hi Nadine,
I stopped by to catch up with what has been going on in your world. Tax time is over and I have time to screw around again. I have had the bike a couple times since the weather has broke. I sold the old handyman's house and bouth a new one to work on(i am a glutten for punishment. I was looking at the pictures of your feet after wearing those shoes and have come to the conclusion all women are crazy. Why in the world would anyone do that to their feet in the name of fashion. Comfort should always come first. I have three pairs of shoes 1 pr sneakers 1pr of work boots, and a pr of cowboy boots for when I need to be dressed up. I pretty much wear these till the soles fall off and wife throws them away forcing me to go out and buy a new pair, which i grumble about till i break the new pair in. Well Nadine you gave me my laugh for the day. I 'll try not to be a stranger
the helpful handyman. Dave

Jeankfl said...

Why do men just want to irritate us, sometimes??? They know better than to expect us to act like a roustabout!! Just stomp your feet and pout..should work...especially if you continue to have trouble with the truck and stuff! lol.

MizAngie said...

Why can't men do things by themselves? My daddy always wanted help with whatever project he was working on. As the youngest I usually got stuck as daddy's helper. All I did was hand him tools and say things like "uh-huh" and "really?" as he talked and gave me a running commentary on what he was working on. Sounds like you have Roy's number!!!

Sherrie said...

Lordie he sure likes to rattle your chain eh, but I can't help but think deep down he is having a wonderful giggle!