Monday, April 30, 2007

The Importance of the Emergency Brake...

Like you might not know that....I didn''s a live and learn world....I always seem to learn the hard.

Roy's little red 4x4truck is a Toyota....'89....over 200,000 miles on it. Those Toyota People know how to build a truck!
For years it was the only thing we had to drive. I drove it daily to work. I would wrap that 4 banger out tight and pop the clutch and it took at least 4 gears to get to 60mph! It is a fun truck to drive....a lot like a go-cart but a lot more zip!
As it is a standard shift, we always set the emergency might think about it if you have an automatic. It was second nature to set it.....until it broke.....I don't know why we never had it fixed....HE SHOULD HAVE!!
One fine morning, Roy came home at 6Am, after workin' a HootShift and was fast asleep when I decided to take the dogs to work with me. At that time we had 5 dogs, Jeffy the Schnauzer...named after a boyfriend....he was soooo cute....both of them.....Rusty the RedDawg, a dachshund mix, Ruby, a terrier mix, Stetson, the BigAss BassetHound.....he weighed 72lbs!
And last but not least Bruizer, a lab/beagle mix, Roy's favorite YardDog of all time....They did everything together, hunt, fish, garden....if that truck rolled Bruizer was in it! He loved that truck, it was his truck. He couldn't jump into it so we lifted that 50lb dog up and into the back.....tell him to watch his nose so it would get shut in the door....that happened once....he was a quick study!
Anyway, I put a cage in the back to put 4 of the dogs in and proceeded to load up dogs. 3 were loaded when I had a great idea!!
I would warm up the truck!! I started it up and let it roll back to a level spot, thought "That should hold." and went back to throw Bruizer in the back....he was gettin' upset that the others were in his truck and he wasn't!
I came back with Rusty under my arm just in time to see the truck start to roll....very slowly from Bruizer bouncin' around in the back!
Oh God!! What do I do?????
I heard myself chantin' "Oh God" over and over as I was trying to come up with solutions to this problem.....and as the truck started to roll faster and faster backwards down the driveway!!!!!!
I thought I could attempt to get in it.
My InnerKlutz said "Hell No!!" I could be dragged and run over.
But I threw Rusty down and reached for the door only for it to roll even faster backwards!
Then I prayed that it would hit the tree and stop!!!
Repeatin' "Hit the Tree!" over and over!
But NO!!!!
It scrapped it......on the way by....and for the love of all that is Good and Holy, why didn't it slow it down!!!!!!!
The "OhGod's" went to "shit!" becuz it was obivious to me that it was goin' out of the driveway....and at the current speed it was travelin' it could go thru the fence on the other side of the road and halfway across that other pasture before it stopped!!!!
And what if a car came over the hill from the north.....that would be so bad....VERY BAD!!!!
I had given up on all hope that this situation would turn out good!!!
And all the while Bruizer was bouncin' around happy go lucky in the back like he was on some great adventure...DumbAss dog!!!
Our ditches were deep and consisted of large savin' Grace!!!
The little RedTruck that had taken on a life of its own hit the left ditch and bounced with such a great bang that it knocked out all the dogs....dogs were runnin' everywhere......and it came to rest in the right ditch with another great bang next to our driveway. It just sat there with it motor running ready to take off again.
I didn't want to touch it for fear it would!!
I turned and went to screamin' "I let the truck roll down the driveway!"
The girls were on the back porch by now and watch most of what took place...they had heard all the yellin' for God to come down and stop that truck!
Their eyes were as wide as saucers with their jaws on the floor as they parted like Moses partin' the RedSea as their Momma ran by screamin', "I let truck roll down the driveway."
All the way thru the house and up stairs to where Roy was sleepin' soundly. When I hit the landing I was hyperventilatin' and screamed, one last time, "I let the truck roll down the driveway!"
Roy sat straight up in bed! I knew I was gonna get yelled at........I had it comin' for sure!
But he very calmly got dressed, gathered up all the dogs, and took me to work. He never did yell at me.

Now he teases me about it....I am so lucky!!!


Beth said...

OMG that poor little cat in the blog hilarious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is too funny, and yes.........sad!!

Kendra said...

Isn't it funny what they yell about and what they don't? When I scratched the truck I was SURE I was going to get a ear full but all he did was whistle "cat scratch fever" and make sure the WHOLE WORLD knew who did it.

Proto said...

good o' Roy,
and nice place to keep the ditches.

Jeankfl said...

I laughed myself silly over this one!! You are the shiznit! (Isn't MizAngie wonderful?) I never understood how they make decisions on what to yell about, of my best friends had a toyota truck, and that thing was impossible to kill! Great trucks!!

Katy said...

That is just so funny!!!! I'm sure the dogs were wondering what had just happened. Utter hilarity.

Sherrie said...

hehehe at the dumbass dog......I could almost picture that scene and let me tell ya......made me laugh my butt off!

Kfarm said...

I have been lucky. In all the years I drove a stick I never used the emergency brake. Whew! I have been so busy I haven't even posted. I guess I will content myself to read others and comment.

cathy said...

OMG thank goodness none of the dogs got hurt, and I'll be bringing my shihtzu over for his grooming he's starting to look pretty bad. Have a great day!