Sunday, April 15, 2007

Good Piece of Advice!!

WE all know not to drink and drive. But do you know you should never drink and shop???
I know!!!

Our last trip to Branson we had a blast! We bought ammo, shoes, dresses, margaritas.....and a really great deal for our next trip to Branson!!

Holy O' was a timeshare promotion!!!!


Oh the promo was okay. We know what we can do and what we can't and are not gonna be talked into anything we don't want....yeah I realize I wound up with this promo first place but it wasn't $30K!!!

WE made the best of the whole weekend. Did some shopping and went to the Titanic thing....a must do!! It was interesting.
You know when you go to places like that they want to take your pix and then sell it you later for $15.95 or some shit. Roy HATES it. He nearly came to blows with one pushy PhotoPerson.
Dude, just let it go!
We don't want a pix of us eating bad chili!!!
So I have learned to divert the head-on collision by telling the PhotoPerson that he and I aren't married and we don't want any evidence of our affair. They are shocked and left speechless but we don't have the pix or the knock down drag out or thrown out of restuarants!

Oh and another not drink and blog....TRUST ME!!!


mannyed said...

Yea, don't drink and buy at a winery either, I wound up in a 3 mth wine club the last time I went to Napa. It was all good though.

They pull that crap at the empire st. bldg. and practically every other landmark in NYC.

Sherrie said...

OH I totally agree with the no drinking and blogging thing, but MAN is it tempting somedays LOL.

Still giggling at the lil fib to the Photo guy......I'll have to remember that if I'm ever in the same situation.

Have an awesome day tomorrow lady ~hugs~

Kendra said...

I thought I mention that little piece of advice to you already! Remember, last year? When I got drunk on my birthday and spend like $200 at the porn store? Now, sure, they were $200 well spent dollars but still, $200? Guess I should be glad they didn't take my happy ass to the gun store or something! At least I get to enjoy my purchases!!

Katy said...

I can't believe I didn't comment on this before. I went to Nashville with some friends and we caught a football game at a local bar. Afterwards, I went shoe shopping. I looked like Santa Clause leaving that place! Woo Hoo!