Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Furry Creatures Chapter 1

Working in the animal health industry a person in likely to come across all sorts of odd things, this is my encounter with some of God’s little creatures…
It’s not unusual to find critters left on the door step, dogs with broken legs or a box of kittens. So I was not shocked as I pulled in and there was a shoe box waiting for me.
“Oh great! What now?”
I am not excited about this at all.
What if it is something dead?
Or something that will bite me?
I mulled it over what to do for a bit and planned a course of action.
Very gingerly, I picked up the box.
Huh? Light.
And no movement!
Something dead…….wait, there is scratching.
I have this box held with two fingers, holding it straight out in front of me, walking it thru the clinic as if what ever is in it, would at any moment, jump out! If I had had a Haz Mat suit, I would have had it on!
I put the box in a cage, if whatever was in it I wanted it to be trapped.

As I lifted the lid…Rats!

I dropped the lid and jumped back!
Oh how I wished I had the Haz Mat suit!

The BossMan had told me that as a child he had had opossum as a pet. It had gotten tangled in his sister’s hair and he had a heck of time getting it out. It had gripped on with all its feet and tail. What a mess!

And here I am with my long hair!
I pulled it all back and got the big red gloves we use in dealing with the wilder animals. I am not taking any changes with those nasty little creatures. All that growling and hissing, it’s scary!! I called the doctor to ask him what to do. His advice was to feed them dog food………and have fun!
Great! I am on my own.
There were 3. Their little mouths opened up to hiss at me. They looked like little alligators that were fixin’ to attack. And fairly old enough to get around pretty good. One of them took off as soon as I got them warmed up.
He would be my favorite.
I named him Bill.

The other two were named Pete and Repeat. I really couldn’t tell them apart but Bill was the one that was always on the run.

Repeat died the first week. He probably never recovered from the shock of being cast among humans and whatever happened to their mother that led them to me.
And if it had not been for Roy, I might have lost all of them. He handled them more forcefully than I did and made them eat.
They were not something to cuddle, all that business with their mouths and the growling and hissing! I knew that I could not keep them as pet but I would do my best to care for them until I could release them.
When the BossMan’s son saw them, he asked his dad, “Why can’t we take them?”

In his mind, he got first dibs on all the furry creatures. He has raised a couple of coons. Now they are fun!! The BossMan said, “This is her special project.”

And so begins my adventure with Bill Opossum……stay tuned.

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