Monday, April 09, 2007

Enough Work....Let's Dick Around!!

After a very disturbin' Friday night and a well lubed Saturday night....Tequila's Just the Best... Sunday rolls around.
The trip to OKC was uneventful. I watched all the cool spots in OKC that I NEVER get to go to pass by.
"Honey, That Exit! Right there, Honey! That one.....goes to Bricktown. Maybe next time."

All in all it wasn't a bad visit with the old folks....2 minutes in the door my mother inlaw says something that just makes me want to scream.
She still writes calls costs money and it's only 39 cents to send guilt so why call? GuiltLetters are full of "Your brother does this and Your sister does that." It never's in every one of them no matter if she sends 3 a month or's filled with things that evoke guilt in Roy. But no matter what time of year or what the tone of the letter is, she always puts in "I miss living in Texas!"
"It's too cold."
"The people aren't friendly." blah, blah, blah......
Their home in Texas was meant to be their retirement home. And it was for many's beautiful!! A real show piece....Custom built by RoySr and Roy's brother. A log cabin in the Tall Piney Forest of East Texas....just awesome! Until RoySr got lost on the property....they had 40 acres....he became disoriented and couldn't find his way back the house....They moved back to OKC after that. If we had known then what we know now.....Roy and I would have moved down there and they would have been able to stay in the Cabin in the Woods.....But you can't predict life....shit just happens. I could have been Butty Wayne's nurse!!!
While living in Texas, They were very active in their church.....I mean VERY involved. They planned trips and had luncheons for the Senior Adults in the church. My mother inlaw was in charge of it all. She is a stickler details and doesn't mince words when expressing herself....she makes people dividin' mad!! The whole time they lived in Texas, when she sent us GuiltLetters, she complained about how much better the people in OKC were and how much she missed livin' in Oklahoma.
"It's too Hot."
"The people are mean in Texas."

You see why she drives me nuts!!!

I wasn't in her house 2 minutes when she said the words..."I miss Texas!"

The visit with the whole family was good.....I found the SpecialEasterEgg....Roy found the most...there was only one he hid eggs and the adults did the huntin'...too cute, he was just tickled pink by it all....Roy and I pooled our loot and left it for the boy.
I managed thru it.....And don't have to go back until Summer!

Woo Hoo!!!


Katy said...

I know you'll think this is blasphemy, but I've lived in texas and I've been to Oklahoma and they just weren't that different to me.

Don't shoot me OK?

jeankfl said...

OOOHHHHH! Can I shoot Katy for you??lol Actually, it isn't really all that different, in some ways... Doesn't it just make you want to holler "Texas don't miss you, ya ol' bitch!!"? Next time, think about that, and you'll just laugh... Hope your day got better!

kfarm said...

Missed You!

MizAngie said...

Yeah, like Jean says... Tell her you talked to Texas and it don't miss HER. Ha!

Katy must have a death wish. I mean, she might get shot by Texans or Okies after that "just weren't that different to me" statement. Hahaha!!!

How's your new grandbaby? I'm never too pissy or blue to hear about other people's good stuff! You crazy woman.

mannyed said...

Haha, this blogs and the comments are pretty damn funny. Tell her NY doesn't miss and/or want her either. HAHA!

Sherrie said...

We had a pretty good time at the inlaws this bunny made it to our house this year, methinks the girlchild will never forgive me for that......oi!