Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cruisin' With Trixie

Some folks drive around with a dog on the flatbed.
Some folks drive around with a dog on their lap.
This how I do it!!And take photos of the whole thing!!

KA-CHOW!! Ssshhhh....don't tell Roy. He hasn't seen them yet. I'll get my tit in the wringer!

Trixie The WonderDog has been limpin' for like 6 weeks or so....I kept forgettin' to take her work....I know....Bad Mom!

So one day I loaded up both Ralphie and Trixie.......I couldn't very well leave Ralphie at home....alone! They keep each other busy. I put Ralphie in a carrier.........he gets sicker than a kid on the Tilt-a-Whirl and let Trixie sit in the passenger seat. I tried to buckle her in.....she was free before I got the door shut! So I had to pull out the whip on her....she sat still all the way to the office.

She was knocked out and a toe nail had split. She slept it off overnight. Ralphie rode home in the front seat....and he made it all the way home and out of the car before he tossed his cookies!

Good Boy!!!

The next day I put the back seat down and let her loose!She had a big time!! She "chased cars"......along with barkin' my ear!!!

These photos were taken with the camera turned backwards and me lookin' in the rearview........KA-CHOW!!

Sssshhhh.....don't tell Roy!!! I also have some storm photos from the same day....later!!
While drivin' home one! I was drivin'....I don't know why or how but Roy was MY passenger......he not a good down right's like takin' the DL Test over and over and over......I crack under the pressure!!
But this one day, we were followin' a tractor and couldn't pass so top speed was 30mph.
I started making big swooping "S's"...never gettin' out of my lane....just havin' a merry time.....bumpin' the lane you know that when you start doin' that people back way off your ass??
But their reaction was not near what Roy's was!!
"What the HELL are you doin'?? Stop that!!"
"I'm keepin' tire warmed up like the pros!!"
Some days I can hear him roll his eyes!!!


jeankfl said...

Don't ya just love to "hear" him roll em?lol Glad the pets are good... Hope you're having a good week!

Beth said...

I am not a dog person but they are TOO CUTE !!!! TOday is Alicias Birthday, wonder what her big plans are !

VENTL8R said...

Yup, scrubbin' tires.....hubs does the same thing. Jenna just giggles and tells him he's crazy.

Diane said...

Hiya Nadine:
Awwwww....your doggies are sooooo cute!! Glad her foot is feeling all better...poor little thing. And it was very considerate of Ralphie to wait till he got home to upchuck....good boy!!

cathy said...

Hey there missy
Got to love the dogs, I have one in the back seat hanging out the window drooling all over my truck and the little one sits on my lap with his head under the arm pits,?? he doesn't like the wind in his face but continues to place his head on the window LOL glad ralphie waited till he got out to puck, that's one nasty mess to clean up !! Ok have a great weekend

Sherrie said...

LOL @ you taking those pictures whilst driving. But man is she ever adorable! Hope her tootsie is feeling all better by now :-)