Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Bit of History...

Attention Class!! There may be a pop quiz after so listen up and take notes!

WE have been dealing with the CowProblem for years.
WE had a fence....Roy took it out. I don't know why.....something about mowing....he has a thing about mowing....not weed whackin' but mowin'!
So we have to deal with cows.
The owner of the first set of cows pretty much kept them in check....only once in a while they got out.
The OldLady came running upon to our property screamin' "Don't shoot them!" Roy and I were flabberghasted that she would think we do such a thing! Sure he shoots his gun a lot but not at know they are not the smartest critter on the farm.
And besides there were people around....Roy can't be shootin' at cows with people around. Too much room for error!!
But anyways....we have had a friendly relationship with MOST of the neighbors.....not any "come to dinner" invites but we watch their places for any suspicious activity and they keep away from's odd that you really don't know your neighbor. The BossMan swears up and down that the lady that lives down the hill from me is the sweetest most nicest woman you could ever meet.....I have not seen that side of her. I have talked to her maybe 4 times in 12 years and was not impressed by any encounter!! So they leave us alone and we leave them works!
The owner of the cows has changed hands.....the Son now owns the cows. He is not as good as his mother was at keepin' the cows corraled. And naturally, cows do what cows do....they graze and daughter hates that word...mosey..."Mom just exactly what does Mosey mean?"
"What we do when we go shoppin'. We wonder aimlessly thru the racks and racks of clothing."
"OOOOOOOh" If you put things in a context that a person can relate to....they get it!!
So the cows mosey around until they find a weak spot in the fence and mosey my yard!!!
For the last 2 years!!! They have tromped thru the garden, eaten the monkey grass that grows along my walkway, eaten the top out of Roy cypress that he babies, and then the dogwood incident....Roy had had enough.....Friday, he went to see the owner!
It was ugly!!
It was a toe to toe yellin' match!!
I missed it!!!
It ended with "Get off my Place!" And "The next time you see me, it will be with the Sheriff Deputy standin' beside me!"

The owner of the cows has had some major medicial problems....he has cancer and is not long for the world....the reason for lettin' the cows run free range. Though his son could help out and maintain them....but no! Teenagers are not what they used to be....and we will leave it at that.
We drove down to check on the fence Monday night and there was whole big enough to drive a truck thru!!! And 6 cows and calves standin' outside of it and 15 more on the other side!

So I have been tellin' the BossMan all about this whole ordeal......he knows the family with the cows...becuz of the medicial problems, he has let their bill side. He suggested fixin' THEIR FENCE!!

The light bulb switched on!!!!!

Roy mulled that over for about 3 minutes.....and thought that was a damn fine idea!!!

We shall see......


Proto said...

To wander forty years in the desert - Mosey. Happy fence fixin'

mannyed said...

Sounds like a great idea, help fix the problem. Smart BossMan. Don't tell him I said that, lol.

Sherrie said...

That is if they'll let Roy even suggest it now, too bad they weren't easier to approach, afterall, it's not like you don't have a legitimate reason for being frustrated.

Byram said...

Sorry I have not been by in a while, I have missed you. Thank you for stopping by, it means more to me than you will ever know.

Hopefully I donthave to post as a no name..<(Byram) just in case.

Fix the fence..sounds like a brilliant idea! Good luck with the cows.

jeankfl said...

Yepper..sounds like a winner..just fix it. That really is the "neighborly" thing to do, since he is too sick..Sounds like they are just overwhelmed..Good thinking BossMan!!