Wednesday, April 11, 2007

And the Survey Says .....

Most people prefer Granny Panties.....bummer! 40%!!!
But I understand.
Only the last two years have I bought granny panties. Vicki'sSecert has the best cotton panties....and they don't seem like Granny's undies!
I have always worn cute Granny calls them Ba-Tinies....or thongs. I prefer the cheeky boyshorts...Which came in second.......they are just downright sexy!
I am not all the keen on goin' Commando....To each his own.
And the reason I like thongs...and people think I am nuts for wearing them....mostly my girlfriends that don't wear thongs......go figure!
I have a theory.....or a rationalized thinkin' on them. A thong is designed to be in the crack of your ass. Where as huge granny panties are not and for what ever reason they bunch up.....and you have 8 inches of materials all scrunched up in the crack of your ass instead of the one inch of a thong!!
Makes totally sense to me!!!
8 inches vs 1 inches.....this is one instance where bigger is not better!

And what really chaps my the idea that no elastic is a good thing!!!
I have a beef to pick with the person that thought microfiber material would make good underwear....That is just the biggest joke ever!!
I don't care if Hanes or VS makes them....they are crap!!!!
I had a tone to wear under my khaki capris....Roy and I are walkin' across WalMart parkin' lot one fine Sunday morning....struttin' my stuff as all ladies do......when I stopped dead in my tracks!!!
If a car had been followin' me and it could have run over me and I would have felt better!!!!!
No car following me just Roy...."What?"
I must have gone pale. I whispered to him, "My panties just fell down!"
I know better than to whisper to him, but I am not yellin' that my panties just fell down for the rest of the parkin' to hear!!!
Thru gritted teeth..."MY UNDERWEAR FELL! CAN YOU TELL? They are right here!" and pointed to below my hips.
Now he went pale and walked away. "Stop that, you are embarrassin' me!"
I put on a brave face and walked to the truck....hopin' that no one else noticed! You know when you are near your car or in it, it's like nobody can see are on base.....if not, why do people pick their noses in traffic??
In the safety of the truck, I went for the panties.....I had to pull them up!!!
Roy saw me, he went from pale white to red, "Stop That!!!! People are starting to stare!!!"

I no longer own that about a total let down!!!! Thank all that is good and holy that I didn't have a dress on!!

Be sure to watch for the next Mini-Poll!

Welcome Teresa In OkC......All are welcome!!!


MizAngie said...

Bleah! I hate those panties, too!! I admit, I'm a granny-panty girl. Well, in the sense that I wear cotton panties. I have to have the hi-cut (french) style, though! Can't handle the thong - very uncomfy having a string in my ass crack. And batinies feel like they're about to fall off. (And probably would thanks to my big butt!) Do you keep "special" ones to wear at "that time of the month"? You know, the holy, ratty drawers? Those are the ones your mother warns you against wearing in case you're in an accident and have to go to the hospital! Or was my mother the only one that made us wear our good drawers when we went on a trip? Ha!! Whichever kind one wears they should never "get their panties in an uproar."

Princess said...

I'm back :) i can't catch up on what i have missed right now ...but i wanted to come say hey...hope all is well hugs ~PPA~

-ksgrrl said...

Ooo! Have you tried the "tanga" yet? They rock for comfort without obvious lines. This coming from a thongs all the way girl.

ps. you have to be patient when you make the ice cream dessert. i'm always impatient and try to pour the chocolate sauce when it hasn't cooled enough so that the sauce forms a direct tunnel through the ice cream to the bottom of the dish.

partyprincess said...

Hurray for granny-panties not beautiful but comfort is my game,and I like the high-cut cotton ones, no 1" piece of string in my arsh, ha-ha well things are getting back to normal finally thanks for all your support, I'm actually glad to be back to work other then I'm loaded with tons of it go figure, Ok have a great day and weekend is almost here YEAH!!!

Lulu said...

I totally missed the vote... I would have voted for thongs. They're all I wear.

Like you said, they start out where everything ends up anyway!!

Kendra said...

you are so right, I hate those stupid micro fiber drawers. Mostly because they DO NOT breathe and by the end of the day, it's like a crock pot in there. And that? It's not a Good Thing.

mannyed said...

haha! i love these polls.

mannyed said...

wait! i have a question! Do you like Roy in whitie tighties or boxers?


Darlene Butts said...

Howdy Howdy Howdy!

I have to tell you, His Greatness is now all in love with you. Well, not in love, but he thinks you are great. What you said about the Husband, yeah, we are living that life too. I am a hussy I tell ya.

Thanks for the kind words my dear. They were needed.

I voted for the boy shorts...nice.

Sherrie said...

I have to admit, I kinda like the thongs......I don't know, helps make me feel all sexy and stuff, but I don't wear them as often as I used to, like about 20 pounds ago!!!!!

Oh and about my post.....well let's just say a member in my bingo audience wore their cranky panties lastnight, therefore totally putting me in a mood lol. Better today :-)


Proto said...

alrighty then...

Jeankfl said...

I can just see you losing your underwear in the Wally World parking lot!!lol That was enough to keep me laughing for quite a while! Anything I wear, underwear on out has to be comfortable, anymore..I spent tooo many years running up and down the hospital corridors for 8-16 hours to do "sexy" underwear..has to cover under scrubs!!lol Although I probably would have had 15 pairs when I was in my 20's!