Monday, April 02, 2007

And The Survey Says.....

The People have voted.....they loved Real Boobs!

Which honestly, I'm shocked!!
Granted this isn't goin' to be posted in the New England Journal of Medicine...just my blog but I am shocked!!
The number of women that have had boob jobs over the past 20 years have risen greatly. I can't remember the numbers but more than double of what they were in the 80's. All the gals I know would love to have some sort of enhancement done....whether it be a cup size bigger or a lift....I, personally, would like a lift.....The D's are gettin' a bit droopy. I have a friend that would like to have a reduction. And one woman's hubby gave her one for Christmas...well, it was a redo, she had them done in the late 70's.
As we watch the PlayBoyChannel, most of the women have had work done.....Prime examples of bad work!! Some to the point that is just downright gross....they look so unnatural....or lopsided....the nipples are in the wrong spot. Some are so huge that they look like Barbie.....Those SkinnyAss gals!!
Roy hates those fake ones...they don't bounce right.
Lord knows a boob has to bounce right!
Can I say Lord and Boob in the same that context????

And Roy doesn't like the way they hang. You know, DoggyStyle. Well, if those gals knew what their boobs looked like when they do that, They might not have had it done.....there are these lines....not like stretchmarks but more like....I'm thinkin'......and you know that could take a while.....Do you remember those balloon things that you got as a child that you could blow up...the ones with a rubber band that you could punch back and forth??? Well anyway that is what a fake boob looks like when it has lines...I guess you just have to see one in action.

Or not!

Which brings me to another thought....why get the boob job?
My boss and I have this conversation off and on for years...sssshhhh....don't tell his wife!
He feels that a woman gets a boob job to have sex.
Yes, he is an educated man and still thinks that.....His wife would like to have a boob job but he won't let her.
I feel that a woman gets a boob job to enhance her self-esteem....which is the case with his wife. I told her about the VS Embrace Bra...she bought 2!! Not the racy colors like mine. And she loves them!! The Enhancement without the pain of surgery!!
Anyway....When a woman gets some work done, she feels better about herself...Is that wrong?

Roy saw a chick on TV that had a fake pair, she said, "And these are what got me my Condo!" She cupped them up and kissed them!! I take it she had more than a C-Cup!!

"These Babies are Power!!!" Annie Potts, Designing Women

Once when in Iowa at a Thresherman thingy....they have all the old time farm machinery and old time fun....rather interesting, really. Roy's dad was with us and he had a hankerin' for some that home-made IceCream that the Swedes were makin', it looked good! So I went to get some for me and Roy. When I got back RoySr looked a bit put out, he didn't get as much as I did!!
He felt cheated!! "How come you got more?"
I winked at him, "Boobs! I have boobs!"
Both Roys turned six shades of red and RoyJr said, "Yep Dad, Boobs!"

It's a powerful magic I use lightly!

Look for the new Survey.....Mz Angie, Vote! You never know what I have rollin' around in my head!!! Some days....It's more than marbles!


VENTL8R said...

The patient is in his 60s. He's off the vent and the swelling/bruising is down. Come back and read "Dying with Dignity" on the left side. This will give you the whole run-down.

Personally, I think boobs are over-rated. Why is it that men can be shirtless with no issues just because their mammaries are not as developed as ours? What's the big deal? Seriously, why are developed mammaries such a taboo subject?

cathy said...

Hey lady
Oh yeah real boobs rule, love your next poll to funny can't wait to see what wins he-he got pic's posted of our weekend trip had a great time only to return to reality and bad news. Ok have a great week and I'll TTYL

Sherrie said...

I myself have thought I wouldn't mind a lift......but surgery is right out there with flying for me...EEK!!!

Yea yea I know, I'm a big chicken!


Jeankfl said... seem to be starting to wake up to the down side of blogger guy talked about them not "bouncing" in time with music! You're right..most women do it for the self esteem boost..we need to quit making people feel bad about their bodies! I like the answer you gave RoySr.. They are

Princess said...

i just got told by cutie boy last night real boobs rule!!! LOL we also discussed undies & i said i like the cheeky shorts & he more than agreed....I got my hotel scheduled for next week it's $289 a night woohoo & to think i will be all alone lovely!!! Thank god i will get paid per diem cause that is expensive!! Well enjoy your day hugs ~PPA~

Katy said...

I am a woman who was naturally endowed with more than my share. In my opinion, women are much more obsessed with boob size than men--men just like boobs,and most can appreciate all different types. Women are the ones most likely to make some random comment about my assets. Kind of weird if you ask me.


Billie said...

To be honest... I wouldn't mind a boob job... the kind that gets rid of half of them.

I am so tired of clothes not fitting right because they were made for women with smaller boobs. I am also tired of having sore shoulders from holding them up. Sadly, insurance wont cover it so I am stuck with them.

My honey thinks they are amazing so everything can't be bad about them!