Friday, March 09, 2007

A Week in Review....

Monday: After drivin' Roy around after his injury...which is better.....he made a command decision!
"You will not be getting a permit to pack! With your temper, it is bad enough that you are flipping the bird and cussin' traffic that if you had a gun you would be zingin' bullets!!!" He wanted me to have that concealed weapons permit.....not any more!!!
Never mention....outload.....when your spouse is in the passenger seat anything about shootin' out "that SOB's headlights if he doesn't back off my fuckin' ass!'
Trust doesn't go over well!

Tuesday: I suffered a kick in the teeth from a person that I thought was a good person. I referred my friends to her....I really liked her!
Be very afraid of those who profess to be "Good Christians". I, personally, don't think they exist. There are some really great people that do some amazing things and know that they are not perfect and know their flaws That do not ram their religion down your throat.....every time I have met a "Good Christian" and I let my guard down....I have had my heart stomped!!!
So I say Fuck 'Em.....and the Horse they rode in on.......Her loss!! Not mine!!
It wasn't the Deacon's Wife, by the way....she's got my back!

Wednesday: Roy came home all in an uproar over his co-workers. It seems that they were talking about the PlayBoyChannel...You know how men can be......They were "upset" at how raunchy it is...How all the gals are trashyho's....Go figure!!!
When there was a loll in the conversation, one of the boys spoke up, "Hey Roy, I saw your wife this mornin'!"
Well, That did sit well with Roy! "Here we are sittin' around the campfire, talkin' about trashyho's and YOU bring up MY WIFE! Thanks a lot, Dude!"
I just laughed!!! I see the humor in that!

Thursday: My day off!!! I took my kitchen measurements to town for an estimate on a new kitchen....I am so disappointed!!! I don't want the damn thing gilded with gold!!!
Shit!! I could have a new car!!!
So what do you do when you are depressed?? I eat!!
I thought I would try Popeye's....things just got worse!
No, the chicken was great. The service was great.
Then the man behind the counter said, "Hey! How long have you had that car?"
Obviously, he has good taste!!
"We bought that off the showroom floor, in 1998. We didn't even test drive it. We knew that was the one. I said I'll take it. Wrap it up! It's mine."
"Damn!!! I wish you were my Momma!"

What????? Back the Truck UP!!

I just smiled...what the hell else could I do???
I wasn't sure of what kinda momma he wanted...Sugar Momma or His Mother????

And then that brings up a whole other question.......Do I look old enough to be a 30 year old black man's mother??????

OH God!!!!!!!

He just kept callin' me that!!! "Momma, would you like some butter."

Stick a fork in me.........I'm Done!!

So now I'm a High Strung TrashyHo that is some man's Momma!!!
TGIF!!!!!!! Where's the Tequila??? Make mine a double and keep 'em comin'!


Grandmother Witch said...

Wow, this is great! I think I like it here better than your Live Space! This is looking real good. Today is the first day off in what feels like forever, and I finally have a chance to think. I am not sure about Austin, but I have this feeling that if I don't go I will always regret the decision. Thanks for your concern Nadine, you are my rocking angel. Maybe I should drive that way to Austin. I have decided that I am going to take my time getting there, spend sometime getting to know Deborah again.
Blessed be,

mannyed said...

That's one helluva week. I can only imagine what your weekend is gonna bring.

Hope its good!

Dawn said...

oh my...hopefully the weekend holds better things...

schcrochet said...

Ok, now I'm really confused left you nice long message and clicked my google ID as I had been sent email from blogger indicating it had been changed. But, when I tried to leave you the message it said it was wrong and now pops up with by blogger ID schcrochet which is the same I use on msn...

I find blogger hard to use; though I do have blog. Had used it to keep track of charitable donations separate from my other blogs; but several people beyond you have switched from msn to it, from yahoo to it. Has it gotten easier to use? I had trouble before with codes, no photo album, links were really hard, and each time you wanted to change color for your background you lost everything you had previously done by way of changes. Blog notes were there, but settings, links etc. that you had added from the basic had to be redone with each color change???

Don't want to loose track of you, so let me know your thoughts on ease of use.

I'll delete you over on msn since you're not there anymore.

Have a good weekend.
sandycrochet on gmail

Sherrie said...

I'll second that Tequilla!!!!!! One, two, three...........FLOOR! As long as there's a pillow I'll be just fine in the morning.

So did ya ask him after all that....WHOSE YER MOMMA????? The poor lad obviously been sniffin the burger grease far too long, you HAWT MOMMA you ~wink~

Have a great weekend :-) ~hugs~

Jeankfl said...

Callin' you Momma is a compliment from a young black man..they call women they're flirting with "momma" in "momma you one fiiiine woman" it was a compliment! Hope your weekend is good..OSU beat Miz Angies aggs!LOL I've already gone over there and razzed her!

Jeannie said...

You are such a hoot! Nahhhh, you don't look old enough to be that man's momma...he probably was referencing the fact that you are just a "Hot Momma!" LOL. Roy is probably right in not letting you packing heat would make me nervous and would make YOU one heat packing hot momma! I can just see a movie being made of your life already! Btw....I know where you've been hanging out! And did YOU know you're my first subscriber? LOL. Have a great weekend girl!

-ksgrrl said...

Yep. "Momma" equals compliment. You'sexy momma, you. :)

That info about the dreams meanings is pretty interesting. I had just finished reading a book with my students all about a woman warrior who later becomes queen after fighting dragons, etc. etc. etc. That could be the royalty part.

Oh! and I use to have a book that gave detailed information about people based on the day they were born. The book was strangely accurate, which freaked people out. But I sold it when I was in need of some cash (a big book equals worth while cash exchange). You might find it interestings. I think it was called, The Book of Birthdays or something like that. I'll have to look it up.