Monday, March 26, 2007

The Survey Says....

As I suspected......a majority of us want to poke our eyes out than hear anything more about Anna Nicole Smith!!! Entertainment Tonight has turned into the Anna Nicole Show! I haven't watch it since they started with all this breakin' news...Wait this just in....she's dead!!
I would rather watch reruns of the Millionaire....which I am...why is a game show running reruns....The Price is Right doesn't do that!!!
This just in...we have an exclusive interview with the Brother of a former lover of a bodyguard of Anna Nicole that says he knows how she died!
There were a few people that wanted to know more.....did you know that the man that wrote "If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right." died??? No???
Did you know that Woody Harrelson's father died???? I didn't think so!!
What make HER so special??
Everybody and their dog pup apparently slept with her!! Even Dr Phil weighed in on this....not my survey but on his show....he had pictures of Anna, the Baby and two of the men that she slept with.....Like that is a totally scientific way of doin' it!!!
GEEZ!!!! Come On!!!!
My angels kiss the brows of those who doesn't know who Anna are blessed!!

The rest.....Let it go.....Let's just stop beatin' a dead Ho!

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VENTL8R said...

I'd have to agree, enough already! Gee, she OD'd - is anyone surprised by this????

mannyed said...

Hahaha stop beating a dead ho! That's greatness right there, Nadine. It would have been pretty cool if Dr. Phil took part in your survey, tho.

I voted in the new survey.

Diane said...

LOL Nadine: I took your poll...boobs are boobs as far as I'm concerned.
Sorry I don't have the pics up from the party yet. I still haven't finished off that roll of take pictures the old fashioned know, the ones where you have to take them toa be developed. But, before I can do that, I have to finish off the roll.
I wish they would stop all the fuss over Anna too. She's dead...let the poor woman rest in peace. Just make sure her little baby daughter gets the best home possible for her.

Sherrie said...

Yanno what amazes me, is that they actually needed all this time to figure out why she dropped dead in the first place.......I mean........HELLOOOOOOOOOO!!!????

Anyway...where is this poll you speak of? Is it that wee link below this blog? I shall go check it out.

Have a great day lady :-) ~hugs~

partyprincess said...

Hey Nadine,
did you know Anna died from OD imagine that I never would have guessed that, and it happened here in sunny south FL just down the road from my house.

Beth said...

They also should know by now who the father of that baby is, the entire thing is crazy but the fact remains that who ever the father is , he is losing all that bonding time. They need to work it out and move on!!