Monday, March 19, 2007

Smatterin' of Crap...

Date Night was a bust! Roy worked late and was too pooped to pop. I bought Casino Royale and we stayed home. We have different opinions of Daniel Craig as the new Bond. Roy thinks he is too rough lookin'....not as dapper as Connery or Brosnan.
I think he is the buffest one!!!
Can we have more swimming scenes!!! mmmmmmmMelt my butter!!!
Who the Hell needs Bond Girls???
And when he sat in the shower with that chick.....and sucked on her fingers....ooooooo.

Excuse me, I need a personal moment with my pocket rocket.

I needed that!!! Now where were we??? Ooooh yes.....

Everyone needs to check out the recall on Cat and Dog food. Bad Juju!! I don't have any of it on my shelves.

MzAngie's Aggies are still the running for NCAA Championship!!! Seriously, I don't care for basketball. I only read that part of the paper to see what is going on in Football....really!! That is my story and I am stickin' to it!

I added a "mini-poll" sure to cast your vote!

I gave away two pups today. People bring in their unwanted animals and I try to find a home for them. Some times it works out and some times it doesn't. The people that bring them in are...what is a good work for it....backward....twisted....well let me explain and you give me a word. They have this pup that was "dumped on them"....I don't always believe that the pup was dumped.....they have had the thing for 2 weeks and it is 6 weeks old...but that is another blog entirely.
So here they are, standing in front of me, wanting me to take the pup. "We just want to do the right thing. The humane thing!"
"I charge a fee."
I make that very clear.
No ifs.
No ands.
No Buts.
"But the pup was dumped on me???!!! And I have to pay to get rid of it??"
Now here is where you cull the men from the mice.....they either give me the money, or the walk out the door, swearing that they will dump the dog in the country somewhere.
How's that for responsible human beings??

So those people that give me the money, ask, "You will give it to a good home."
Who am I to say who is a good home?
I am not going to judge some one by what they wear or their age....I damn sure don't like it.
If someone comes in that wants a pup or kitten....and I feel that the pup or the kitten fits the situation then I say, "Sure have a great time! Good Luck!"
And let me explain that....I have had this animal for a few days or weeks and somethings months...I know that animal! I know what he will do around other animals. I know that that cat is the best cat for kids. I can judge the animal. Not the people.
I currently have a siamese that is deathly afraid of kids.....I have had it one month and it is just now coming out to talk to me. He needs to be with an older couple that understands cats....really neurotic cats!!!
One day I will tell about the chick that felt sorry for my fish....but that is for another day.

It is just another Muckin' Fonday!!!


Mannyed said...

You already know how I feel about Daniel Craig *sigh*, he made this the most watchable Bond flick

So. Hot.

beth said...

Hey come by my space and see my pretty car !!!!

Princess Pout said...

Uh i have a hard time with anyone other than Sean Connery i didn't see the movie but i did hear from a few they weren't 100% with this new guy so i guess i may have to see it. Thanks for the shovel now send the shots lol my mind is a mess on trying to figure out what i want to do to much to explain so i'll leave it at that....i hope you find homes for these animals that is sad :) I wish i could have a kitten but my dog she is not a fond of them i know the right cat would stand their ground and my dog who really is nice would back off and share her house as she has done with other dogs. But if i have to move i can't so i can't do anything right now eys my life is on hold for this dang job!!!!! Ok better get back to work hugs ~PPA~

Mainebikerchick said...

LOVIN' you new look, darlin!! But I am sad not to see MzAlicia anywhere...DAMN I wish I had enough time (an a good enough computer) to get back to blogging!!


Sherrie said...

Hubby and I have yet to see the movie, but we're both 007 fans, if it's that hot, methinks since the kiddies are away, NOW just might be the time to rent this one!!!!

Wish I was closer, with the kids away, I feel now even more than ever it might be time for a new pup! Aw well, when the time is right I'll find one right :-)!?